Another interesting confirmation of possible destruction of underground bases

Remember the Virginia and Colorado earthquakes? The ones that occurred within hours of each other just before the big hurricane that shoved up the East Coast and caused massive flooding in New England? When was that? Geez, eons ago. — Oops, not!

I started posting on it September 16, slightly over one month ago! (I can personally vouch for time acceleration, as predicted by the Mayan Calendar as we now enter, today, October 20, the final “night” of the final cycle prior to new beginning October 28, 2011).

This series of posts began with the interview David Wilcock did with Ben Fulford. Again and again, over the next several weeks, I posted incoming info on different versions of how (nuclear? air blast? EMPs?) and how many DUMBS (Deep Underground Military Bases) were supposedly destroyed in these supposed earthquakes.

Now we have new confirmation of the same series of events, though the claim of “focused sonic beams” is new to me. Here’s an excerpt from a piece purportedly by the “Andromedan Council,” from Alfred Weber,

“The Council has been very busy, as evidenced by the work of our people from the Procyon star system since late August – using highly pin-pointed, highly focused sonic beams to destroy the underground bases & tunnel systems in Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and others, to clear out the remaining Reptilians & Greys on Earth. I, Tolec, have been saying this for six (6) straight weeks now. We are now also progressively working in other areas around your planet to clear out the remaining underground & undersea Reptilian & Grey operational bases. But, the area of the United States had the highest concentration of these malevolent beings. It needed to be addressed first. Job done.”

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  1. billhkeen says:

    This information is so vital to the ‘mind cleansing’ of the U.S. population. Just how do we get them to even look at this stuff?

    I will have to leave it to JHVH to what His Will is in this matter. I have no ability to do anything with this but Read and Study.

    Thank you for all of your work and time.

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