On OWS/TV, seasoned war correspondent Chris Hedges: this movement is “real,” has “centrifugal force”


“Once movements like this start, and articulate a fundamental truth about the society that they live in, and expose the repression, the mendacity, the corruption, the decay of the structures in power, they have a kind of centrifugal force, you never know where they’re going.”

“The foot soldiers of the elite, the blue uniformed police, the mechanisms of control finally don’t want to impede the movement. And at that point, the power elite is left defenseless. Where is it going? No one knows, even those intimately involved in the movement don’t know. All of these movements take on a kind of life and color that is in some ways finally mysterious.”

“Having been in the middle of similar movements, this one is real, this one could take them all down.”

“My critique of the corporate state coalesces with the critique of OWS, but I never wrote in any of my books how to take it down. This whole non-hierarchical structure is really brilliant. And I didn’t have a clue! Because they can’t destroy the movement [when leaders are rotated.] This is driving them insane. Huge segments of the police sympathisize with everything you are doing, and that’s the way you can shatter the shackles of control.”

“I think the movement is really smart, really astute. I don’t think there’s any danger of it being seduced or co-opted by move-on, or the democratic party, or the teamsters. I think the sort of political consciousness of this group is so high that they see through all these [figures and groups that are trying to coopt it].

“I’ve got kids. It’s not about me anymore, it’s about my kids, the next generation. My passion for what you’re doing, my love, comes from . . .Friday morning, when I woke up and found out what happened [saving the encampment from the city’s plan to take it down], I started crying . . . what I’m doing now . . . God bless you all.”

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    …and then there is Oakland, Ca, one of OWS weakest links and it’s Achilles Heal, staged by the orchestrated neophyte egos of the semi-awakened spiritual path of communists and socialists who only see their liberation in your oppression to their set of rules believing this ultimately, logically serves the commonwealth best.

    Like a four part Greek tragedy the hard left have not yet discovered the love to guide them from lamentation to redemption. Justice requires mercy. Oakland’s mind set requires violence and the quick end to OWS hopes of financial reform.

    OWS must assert it’s libertarian spirit with love and stay focused on real financial reform.

    There are paths through this forrest that can even unify the right and left in improving the commonwealth. Seek that middle path of peace. Assert love and nonviolence again and again until the movement across the nation is all singing the same verse.

    Money creation can be structured totally differently through a Constitutional process the Colonials called “script,” i.e., our early American dollars. Just watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXt1cayx0hs&sns=em . It’s 4 hours well invested to face the coming struggles.

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