Possible (imagined) reactions — and our response — to the Global Heart Opening

To every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction: Newton’s third law of motion, which, remember, operates, and is limited to, this third dimension. As Einstein said, you can’t solve a problem at the same level within which it originated. Instead, place the problem in a larger context, where it dissolves. To do this we must open to a new level, a new dimension.

That was Einstein, while alive. Now check out the post-mortem Einstein as channelled by Linda Dillon, this post, and this, and this: extremely interesting material on his way of understanding the multidimensional universe that is very relevant for us to comprehend now, on the day after the weekend when the global heart burst open.

Here are two obvious possible (equal and opposite) “reactions” from the PTW (powers that were) to the Global Heart Opening.:

1) Inelia Benz says that she wouldn’t be surprised if martial law was declared in this country within the next few days. (See this, this and this for more on Inelia.) I’ve had the same thought, repeatedly, in the past several days. I mean, what a perfect occasion to put all those FEMA camps to use, try out all those new militarized police gadgets and maneuvers, put the sheeple into a state of absolute, lock-down “fear.” And yet, every time that thought comes up, it dissolves, as if it just can’t get the traction it needs to come into manifestation.

2) Or, “they” (the U.S. and/or Israel) might take this as a golden opportunity to bomb bomb bomb Iran, justified by last week’s so-called “terror” plot involving an Iranian. That plot was immediately ridiculed, far and wide. Yet yesterday Paul Joseph Watson said that this plot represents “the green light for an attack on Iran set to take place within the next two weeks,” Today Watson has a new story on infowars: “U.S. Begins Huge Military Maneuvers Aimed at Iran.”

Of course! War in the Mid East would be the time-honored way way to yank our minds and hearts from what we so long to continue doing: open, open, open to include the whole world, even the whole cosmos. Perhaps it will happen. But if it does, I know in my bones that the tables will turn on the perpetrators — and in unexpected ways.

We have help — from above and below, and especially, from within the larger essence of each of our selves that doesn’t yet know that the universe flows through us, unlimited, unparalleled, untrammeled, and always, for the good for the whole. We are not alone in this cosmic dance of “good” and “evil.” There is no one alive who is not embraced by the love that penetrates through every cell, every atom, every spore that floats in the wind of this climactic time.

This morning I noticed an unusually large number of crisscrossing chemtrails over Bloomington as I walked with my little dog, Shadow. I stood still for quite a while looking up, since the visuals were so unusual and pronounced, pulsations spreading out more obviously and powerfully than ever. I shrugged that off, too. Chemtrails may be polluting my body, but they cannot touch my mind, heart and soul.

From now through October 28, when the Mayan calendar begins a brand new exceedingly long cycle, and especially, during the final nine days of this last, tiny, accelerated 18-day/night cycle that recapitulates the developments of — what is it, 144,000 years? In any case, starting October 20, when we cross over from the final day (that began October 10th), to the final dark nine nights of our collective awakening, we enter a period of extremely concentrated focus, integrity, sharing, meditation — and, let’s face it — courage!

Remember, the word “courage” comes from the French, coeur, heart. The global heart has opened. Like pandora’s box, it cannot be closed again, and what cascades from that opening is enormous, unexpected, extraordinary, never before seen or felt or experienced on this dear planet Earth that has supported us even during our darkest times when we ignored her, raped her, pillaged her, and basically, wished we were anywhere but in our own bodies, occupying this place, this time, this moment we have been waiting for all our lives, all these many centuries.

Suddenly, we are here, and now, present with all our galactic brothers and sisters, participating in this shared, sacred ceremony, welcomed home to the cosmic dance. Whoopee!

For your viewing pleasure, here’s some photos from Saturday, October 15, 2011, our Global Day of Action that galvanized over 1900 cities and towns world-wide. Thanks to Kees de Graaf, at stevebeckow.com.

Occupy Seoul
Occupy Berlin
Occupy Sarajevo

Occupy London
Occupy everything

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