In the current of the zeitgeist: Localizing my money

About two years ago, I moved my bank account from Regions (regional) to Monroe (centered here in Monroe county). About four months ago Monroe Bank was swallowed up by Old National (statewide). I then noticed that it was charging new fees. That annoyed me. Ten days ago, I started the process of moving my money to a local credit union. Hadn’t realized how in tune I was to the latest OWS “flash mobs” on October 15th until I saw videos of what happened inside and outside a NYC branch of Citibank, the first video chaotic, the second, abundantly clear.

P.S. As we remove ourselves from the centers of false power, we also begin to trade, swap, share, exchange energies of all kinds without the use of money. We remember that we are intrinsically connected. Much more fun than chasing after money as the false “bottom line.”

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  1. So many friends seem to freeze-up and miss the core message of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) in lumping all protessts together and implying it’s all bad. So many allow their spokespeople to emote baseless bromides invoking false stereotypes comparing OWS to The Arab Spring in a fearful fabrication not supported by OWS (I also consider Arab Spring a good thing, not bad). Arab Spring seeks release from the malice of government tyranny, OWS at its core seeks release of tyranny of the Money Changers through constitutionally based financial reform. The needless reaction of lumping all protests as somehow bad allows fear to replace research, independent thinking and truth; Money creation in the US can be structured totally differently through an existing Constitutional process just as early American dollars were successfully deployed. Just watch It’s 4 hours well invested to face the coming trials to liberate humanity from Money Changers. You may also track OWS progress here The single most important focus I think, needs to remain peaceful financial reform.

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