OWS and Official U.S. Hypocrisy: Nope, we will NOT be moved . . .

On this morning of great victory in Liberty Square over Bloomberg’s near-take-down of OWS encampment, how about this priceless little 7-minute clip that cuts back and forth between brutality of NYPD and officious speeches by Clinton and Obama on the awfulness of police brutality in Egypt, Libya, Iraq towards people demanding rights of free speech and assembly . . .

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    I’ve been tracking and monitoring closely OWS across the country. Any suggestion violence is required in the OWS (as coming from LA this morning – Oct 12, 2011) is a bogus shadow-side, false-flag issue not reflective of the love movement behind OWS. Those are the infiltrators trying to take over the movement for their own soap box. OWS would rather fail and reassert itself in the next energy wave of love that will emerge, than see even one broken bone.

    If you see violence in the OWS cause you are seeing the infiltrators-socialist hoodlums, or the above top secret corporate goons starting a false-flag operation to protect banking interests run off the fear of the corporatism-establishment and it’s dark side:
    Tactics such as moving the OWS protestors out of the way to “clean up the public space” is a legitimate health and safety position by government even government’s expressed intentions are not true, even if you have been keeping the spaces spic and span. Do not fight these government tactics. Cooperate and offer to help and assist clean up with the clean up crews. Get plastic gloves and plastic bags. Have pictures taken of your helpful state of readiness. It will make government action look petty, vindictive, reactive and belie is deceptiveness. Role up your sleeping bags tie them to your backs, store your gear and carry what you can and offer to assist and make your assistance visible. Make it known you expect to Re-Occupy Wall Street the moment the clean up is completed. Stay on the law abiding side of the struggle. Think good thoughts, pass the love. If a new event license is required have your volunteer attorneys start the event application right now. Don’t allow yourself to be pulled into violent resistance. This is not war this is home town democracy. We give out the flow of love energy.

    The call to the corporate elite 1%-er’s from OWS is: join us in peace and love and together we will find workable paths through the messy, entanglement called liberty, freedom and democracy. Prosperity is a cooperative venture. Love is the glue that enables us to listen.

    The detractors, socialists, communists, are probing the fringes just as the police are trying to infiltrate the ranks of the sit-ins and corporate goons are trying to start false flag take-over violence.
    There is a good buried in the mist.

    Unlike Alan Grayson, I do not believe we can make progress by seeing people go to jail and injecting his particular form of “give me the power” and I will be your spokesman. I personally believe a solution must include a dispassionate forgiveness of past perceived wrongs in the banking industry. I hold similar “amnesty oriented” views on several topics including the OWS protest and other classified scientific knowledge.

    We should all try to nurture it where we can, reject what me must, but know it can be kept alive to get back the country. No matter what happens think good thoughts pass the love for peace….

    Rich Buckley

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