Ode to the crazy ones

Sign made by a young child yesterday at the occupybloomington encampment.

Sign at the northwest entrance to the Bloomington encampment, People's Park.

Last night, on my weekly call to my folks, I was speaking with my dear 95-year old dad with whom I fought a mighty ideological battle for 30 years until we both gave up, realized we needed to drop from our minds into our hearts, and did so, a process that took another 15 years! Can you imagine? Two proud souls — an arrogant, hot-headed, first-born daughter, and a serious, dedicated Roman Catholic male physician — deciding to give up and give in? Can you imagine doing this at age 75? I am so blessed to have my dad as my dad.

Ever since then we’ve rarely broached any subject on which we both know we will completely disagree.

Last night, when I called, he and Mom were getting ready to watch another Republican primary debate. Usually, our conversations are frustratingly short, since his hearing is about gone. But he obviously needed to tell me something, because as soon as he heard it was me (there are eight of us), he told me that he had read my blog, and that I was using words like “revolution,” and that I “need to be careful,” or I might “get in trouble.”

“Okay! So I get in trouble!” I responded.

“Well, okay then . . .” he said. I could feel him shake his head in dismay, and real concern. Though our minds divide us, our hearts are joined.

Here’s to all the troublemakers swarming out of the woodwork and blurring together into beauty and grace and deep, deep purpose; who are gathering now, to do what we came here to do, what we chose to incarnate on this earth to realize. One world. One humanity. One with each other and the Earth and the Love sweeping the universe with infinite joy, abundance, and fun!

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  1. claudia kimball says:

    This is a part of what I came to hear and feel again from our humanity.
    To be aware of being a part of the whole of us. What a rousing call.

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