good god dog

I went for a walk in the woods a few days ago with a friend of mine, and of course we were focused on my little Shadow, since he’s so cute, funny, curious, and excited to be alive, especially in the woods! Lynne was telling me about her complicated relationship problems, and I just said, “Hey, get a dog!”

Who better with whom to give and receive love? That’s what dogs are, the infinite love of the universe streaming through a furry little form.

Me and my Shadow:, quick pic on living room floor today . . .

Want to learn generosity? Get a dog. Want to learn unconditional regard? Get a dog. Want to learn forgiveness? Get a dog. Want to sit still inside the field of endless wonder and awe and gratitude? Get a dog. Want to laugh a lot? Get a dog.

Shirley Maclaine, in her new book, “I’m Over All That, and Other Confessions,” says the same thing. She lives, sleeps and breathes her dog. She wouldn’t go anywhere without her dog.

It sounds weird only to those who haven’t yet understood this great mystery of the universe.

Here’s a sweet little video that sings the same, while linking the Above with the Below.

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