David Wilcock, Update: More bases mysteriously cleared

Just saw this on beforeitsnews.com. For the original interview with Benjamine Fulford on this site, go here. For more on this possible unfolding situation, go here, here, and here. Or, go straight to David’s site, divinecosmos.com. Truth? Partial truth? Ommigod truth? Who knows? At the very least, intensely entertaining.

Personnel and Materials Mysteriously Removed from More Bases

October 6, 2011

David Wilcock


NOTE THURSDAY 10/6: MASSIVE NEW DEVELOPMENTS: This week, there have been MASSIVE new developments to this story that have forced another round of serious consultations with our key insiders. Part II is mostly finished, but the story is changing faster than we can write it.

I am not permitted to go into specifics, but I can now comfortably say that in addition to the first 8,MANY additional bases have now had all personnel and materials mysteriously removed. It happened within the last week. In this case, the rooms are still there, but they are now empty — except for some broken pieces of furniture.

I know this sounds ridiculous, but this is the situation. Apparently no one has died from any of these incidents. Audio recordings reveal the sounds of furniture sliding all over the place and people yelling for up to 24 hours before it stops.

I also had one of my most trusted sources independently confirm that the Monaco Accords did take place. When I asked why this was never mentioned before, I was told that until I asked the right questions, revealing that I already knew the answers, nothing could be said.

I must admit that since the sources who revealed this latest development to me have demonstrated profound trustworthiness, I was so overwhelmed about the news of the sheer number of bases that have now been affected by this campaign that I burst into tears.

I don’t know how long it will take for the results of all this to be public for everyone, but it most definitely appears that the Old World Order are being forced to surrender by the same ETs that have systematically protected us from nuclear holocaust.

[NOTE: To read David’s full blog post, to which he has been adding these notes and updates, click here.]

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    This made me ZING with lovely shivers!

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