#occupywallstreet: "Tear down this Wall" synthesizes the meanings of two historical moments

Mr. Fish has another cartoon. Thanks to truthdig.org.

This iconic poster fuses the symbolism of two remarkable moments in human history. Here they are, with their astrological correlates:

First, the poster recalls the iconic fist that a student friend of mine created for a teeshirt in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1967 during the student uprising there. That fist ended up on the cover of Life Magazine, and symbolizes, for me, the moment when Uranus conjuncted Pluto for the first time since the Civil War and the people’s revolution began.

Second, the poster recalls the startling day when Berliners on both sides of the Wall tore it down. That was in 1989, when Uranus conjuncted another outer planet, this time Neptune, and we enjoyed an ecstatic, though brief, shining moment of Oneness before the hyperpower U.S.A. corporatist military/industrial complex declared “Full Spectrum Dominance” over the entire globe and amped up its holdings abroad from 100 bases to nearly 800 bases today . . .

The fist and the wall combine now, when Uranus squares Pluto during the opening “square” of global populist uprisings that demonstrate the potency within that long, long Uranus/Pluto cycle that began in the late ’60s. The seeds sown then, did fall on fertile ground; they now sprout up through our children and grandchildren, who inherit not just our longing for justice and peace, but an unsupportable burden of indebtedness that potentiates their ardor with nothing left to lose.

Neptune, now at the tail end of Aquarius, shows us the structures that self-organizing groups can dream up when necessary to support the occupation of their newly declared Freedom Square. By February, 2012, Neptune will move into Pisces, its home sign, to remain there until 2025. The universal dream of Oneness, so long deferred, will, if necessary via revolutionary, Uranus/Pluto action during these next three years when these two planets remain in their tense, 90° alignment, finally dissolve the artificial walls between us formed by the end-stage of a diabolical capitalistic economic system.

Yes. We will tear down this Wall.

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