Weekend road trip to northeast Indiana

For a thrill, eh? Actually, my new pup Shadow and I take off about an hour from now for Fort Wayne, where I will do a presentation tomorrow on Transition Bloomington for the Northeast Indiana Sustainability Fair.

If you don’t know what the global Transition movement is, google it! You might want to get your town involved. My presentation will feature warts and all, including our mistaken assumptions and consequent frustrations, plus the current stalemate in which we find ourselves. Actually, mistakes are the best part of any process, those places where we have to stop, take stock, go crazy, almost quit, and then recommit to the (newly refined) goal.

All in all, the Transition process continues to be very fruitful and is spinning off all sorts of new ventures, plus strengthening and networking old ones. Plus, I’ve met new friends through it, including Doug Hanvey, co-founder of our new urban retrofit Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage. Another of our original Transition core group, Danny Weddle, has started the brand new Bloomington Cooperative Plots Ecovillage on 2.5 wooded hilly acres near downtown Bloomington.

So, once again, sayonara, withdrawing from internet addiction until Monday morning. There are now 806 posts on this site, in case you hunger for more. Most still relevant.

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  1. Santa Fe Roger says:


    Say hello to my hometown!!! Also, if you have time, check out the 3 Rivers Food Coop, where you will discover many like minded folks. I was one of the founding members of its predecessor, Ye Olde Food Coop, about 40 years ago!

    I will forward this article tonight to some friends there, who might be in attendance tomorrow.

    Happy Trails,

    Santa Fe Roger

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