Lisa Marie: We choose, in the NOW, to make real one among multiple "timelines"

I really appreciate the language that Lisa Renee uses and at times, invents, to describe what she shares with “Starseeds and Indigos.” I don’t know if she was the one who invented the phrase “timeline,” but it really helps me to think of multiple agendas in terms of an infinity of ribbons of cause and effect that stretch out from and behind the Now in all directions like the Sun’s rays. We sit in the Now (or not!), consciously choosing (or not!) which ribbon to identify with as real, i.e., what timeline we are going to make real (extrude into 3D physicality) through our thoughts and actions.

What Lisa Renee calls the “911 timeline” or agenda is, she says, an artificially constructed software that has been inserted into the collective human unconscious. I’d say let’s take it further; let’s call the still suppurating 911 agenda a form of vicious, indiscriminate malware designed to enslave and destroy through the insidious worms of fear and confusion.

Instead, as she suggests, I tune in to my body as a “god-technology,” which through its own natural, organic, self-organizing, evolutionary development, is moving me through the Ascension process from the third to higher dimensions on a time-line that pulses frequency waves of peace, harmony, and freedom for all beings.

Usually, I get her messages as transcripts, which frankly, I prefer. At least on this video she does not look directly at the camera, but slightly above. This makes me uncomfortable. So I look away, and and listen to her very closely even so, while doing yoga with my “god technology.”

Thanks to Lisa’s site is, though I didn’t see this particular video there.

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