A Compilation of New UFO Footage

To me, one of the most compelling arguments for the benevolence of (at least most of) the extraterrestrial visitors is their constant and longstanding monitoring (and cleaning up?) of our nuclear and other environmental degradations. Thanks to stevebeckow.com.

New UFO Footage, Interesting Formations and Activity over Pollution Sources

September 29, 2011

by BZ Riger

There is a lot of new UFO activity with a number of videos capturing craft over sources of pollution. Many with interesting flying formations, shapes and colors. I picked the ones that really stood out, with more visible than a few lights in the sky. If I was the one filming and that was what I captured I would be ecstatic 😉 but since I have not had the privilege yet to be able to do that I have sorted through for the most intriguing videos.

This video shows a whole fleet of UFOs flying over Las Vegas. The witness seems to be panning under them as they drive down the avenue and capture this footage. At the .48 mark they have stopped at a red light and you get a clear view of the ships passing close overhead.

UFO Fleet Over Las Vegas Sept 27

Watch at 2.40 mark Orb seems to split in two over stack

North Tyneside UK 2 Large Orbs over Factory Smoke Stack Sept 27

Video Description:

UFOs checking out a factory smoke stack in north tyneside uk, 27/09/2011 10.30 ish. filmed from south shields over looking the river tyne. this is 2nd part of a continuous 30 min sighting

UFO Hovering over Magcorp Worst Polluter in America Sept 27

Video Description:

Unidentified Flying Object floating over Magcorp, the worst polluter in America. This object stayed motionless for at least an hour. It looks like a blimp with appendages sticking out of it.
If someone wants to motion stabilize this footage, please do. I have the original (Not so zoomed in) footage as well.

Maybe it’s some sort of drone used by the EPA to monitor pollution levels. Magcorp is famous for it’s “Red River” of death, and it’s bird-killing smoke emissions. I don’t assume this is some flying saucer, or alien spaceship, but it remains unidentified. If you happen to know what this is, let me know.

I work with 3D animation, and video, I could easily fake this, but I didn’t. It is a real video.

Location: Stansbury Island near Tooele, Utah.
More views and information about Magcorp:

Could it be a hot air balloon monitoring Magcorp?

Watch at .38 mark as stream of light makes sharp right turn and moves in the opposite direction, I don’t think meteorites make suden stable course corrections like that.

Bright Stream and Orb UFO Piracicaba Brazil

The footage is a little shaky and he is so excited he keeps zooming in and out but at the 3:57 mark he settles down and you get a good view of either many orange ships or a triangular type craft. Then at 5:36 he seems to set the camera on a solid surface and you get an excellent view.

UFO Russia September 28, 2011

More UFO Sightings over Chile’s Airport

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7 Responses to A Compilation of New UFO Footage

  1. Rob. says:

    Hey Ann,

    Ever encounter the UFO ideas of John Keel and Jacques Valee? I don’t know much, but they suggest an Interdimensional Hypothesis, that UFOs are part of a long line of ‘occult’ or ‘mystical’ phenomena that humans have observed throughout history. Arguably, intelligences from other dimensions mights easily display some characteristics common to UFOs, even if they’re not space people in metal ships from other galaxies. Some info here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacques_Vallée#UFO_research_and_academic_work

    This seems to be Ran Prieur’s favored explanation, and was how I got introduced to it. What do you think?

    • Yes, I’m familiar with Jacques Valee, and with interdimensional phenomena. At the two International UFO Congresses that I attended, there is as much interest (among some of us anyway) in interdimensional and multidimensional phenomena as there is in 3-D stuff that “science” tends to grasp onto for “proof,”: dead bodies, crashed crafts, and the like. I usually stay away from that type of presentation, finding it boring. In fact, I’m not all that interested in stuff we see in the skies etiher, since it is 3-D, and to me, interdimensional and other-dimensional phenomena much more fascinating. Whether or not what we think of as 3D ETs are really interdimensional, I have no idea. Probably some are. My own personal feeling is that whatever can happen, will!

      • Rob. says:

        Cool. I agree with that sentiment- probably not worth it to insist on a single explanation, because then experience comes knocking with its inevitable counter-argument.

        I would almost say that it’s largely irrelevant, and the most fascinating part is the metaphor and meaning of these different phenomena, how they’re interpreted, what insight they suggest. Who cares if it’s ‘true’ or not, in the prove-able sense, if the implications create some ripple effect on your life and experience of the world? Maybe that’s what myth is about. That’s what I like anyway.

        • And when you begin to think multidimensionally and interdimensionally, then 3D perspective (and it’s defender, so-called, hilarious “proof”) starts to look like the narrowest of slits pretending to filter infinity into a funnel that can be measured, tested, tamed. NOT!

          And then, as you’ve wondered in another comment, how does classical (mostly 3D, though, a la Findhorn and paganism, some would admit faeries and elementals) permaculture “fit” into this vast Being with no circumference and therefore, no center?

      • Rob. says:

        Indeed, how does it?

        A few years ago, a friend of mine was arguing about the objective model of reality, suggesting that even if I say I don’t believe in it, underneath I do, because I had (and still have) an interest in nutrition and the healing power of foods. How could I be sure that I was eating well or healthfully if I didn’t think any objective measure existed. I kind of suspected but didn’t admit that on some level, he’s right- that the whole matrix of proof is kind of spurious, or at least not the whole picture.

        I think there’s something to the idea of intersubjectivity, and phenomena that more closely approximates experience, or consensus experience. The little I know of Charles Fort deals with some of this. And like Eisenstein in that article a week or two ago says, arguing against an objective model of reality doesn’t mean solipsism, or deny that our experience of reality is completely arbitrary and independent of shared experience.

        Still, it’s quite the big question. And how permaculture fits into this, with its grounding in science (as popularly understood) and perhaps an inseparable alliance with the notion of objectivity, I don’t know. Maybe I was betraying my suspicion in a previous comment when I said that the best arguments for permaculture might lie in the capacity to help us forge relationships with the wider world, and not because it’s the only way for us to deal with resource depletion. Many ideas…

        One more quote that seems apropos (stolen, again, from Ran Prieur) :

        “So Merlyn sent you to me,” said the badger, “to finish your education. Well, I can only teach you two things — to dig, and love your home. These are the true end of philosophy.”- T.H. White, The Sword in the Stone

      • Rob. says:

        Edit: ‘Arguing against an objective model of reality doesn’t mean solipsism, or _insist_ that our experience of reality is completely arbitrary and independent of shared experience.

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