Thich Nhat Hahn: "all views are wrong!"

In a post early yesterday I talked about the what I figured would turn out to be one more failed End of the World cosmic collision scenario for that day, the dreaded “September 27th, 2011,” when Elenin, or some other bugaboo, was supposed to do us in. In that post, I speculated that as humans open to a wider awareness of the cosmos, we take our fear of the Other with us, and that at bottom, all our fears are of “DEATH.”

Kimmie responded to that post with a wonderful 8-minute video from Thich Nhat Hahn, “What is Nirvana,” wherein this enlightened Buddhist monk talks about both birth and death as “views” on reality rather than reality itself, which, he tells us, if we meditate deeply enough, we reach as we let go of fear, and therefore, of suffering. All suffering is based on misperceptions, “wrong views,” and — all views are wrong! No birth or death, no being or non-being, no yes or no, simply suchness. Nirvana, is NOW.

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  1. mmm says:

    excellent.. thank you.

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