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I really appreciate this message from Steve at He warned me personally about Sorcha Faal a few months ago, and hopefully this post from yesterday explains both why and what to look for when you suspect his (her? their?) tomfoolery.

Sorcha Faal Continues to Fool the Unwary

by Steve Beckow

September 25, 2011

Since so many frightening threads going around discussion groups, distribution lists and similar messages at any one point in time originate with “Sorcha Faal,” perhaps it’s a good time to discuss that shady character and the damage done by reproducing his/her material.

Let’s begin by listing a number of current headlines on “Sorcha’s” site:

Europe Stunned After Being Told “Obama Is Not In Charge”

Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker By US Military

Russia Reports Nuclear Explosions Hit Vast US Military Tunnel Network

British Leader Warns Russia ‘Time Of End’ Has Come

US Oil Giant Exxon Mobile Flees To Russia Over Obama Fears

French Leader Rushes To China, Blames US For Libyan Sex Slaves

To Believe A Liar Makes You A Liar Too (This one may be true.)

Sorcha Faal publishes on But whenever you see the byline, that’s usually also Faal.

There are several theories on who “Faal” is, all of them shadowy and none of them very well substantiated.

One theory is that “Faal” is a pseudonym of David Booth, a computer programmer who is said by some to work for the CIA’s COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program). Another is that Sorcha is a pseudonym of Rachel Booth, an alleged sister of David.

David Booth gives himself a lineage going back to John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was not the last American president to be “assassinated” by a Booth.

An even more mysterious analysis is that “Sorcha Faal” is an anagram of “As of Rachal,” an esoteric term which is itself traced to an ancient Babylonian rite. The “sisters” that Sorcha so often refers to are said to be the sisters of this rite, which is held to be Satanic. That may be true and it may not. I’m no longer as skeptical of stories like this as I once was but I also have no way of confirming them.

David Booth published a book in 2004 that looked at the impending destruction of America: Code Red: The Coming Destruction of The United States, 2004. When key passages were googled, the book was found to be almost totally plagiarized. This discovery actually explains a lot about “Sorcha’s” modus operandi.

Sorcha’s material appears to be partially lifted from plausible sources and then a spin put on it. You’ll find 9/11 analyzed as an inside job in Sorcha’s material. You’ll find events in there that I’ve accepted and now may need to take a second look at, such as the destruction of the I35 Mississippi River bridge by ULF. You’ll find a great deal of either accepted or alternative history in Faal’s compositions and that evokes a reassured response from the reader.

But then you’ll find a totally bizarre and diabolical twist usually predicting someone’s death, the fall of a President, the end of the world, or something similar. The content of Faal’s articles that may be true lulls readers to sleep and then they imbibe the fanciful with the true.

A giveaway is that many of Sorcha’s articles begin with a statement that the information is gleaned from a Russian official. One of the storylines in Faal’s articles is that “she” is a Russian apparatchik. But every attempt to track her down has failed.

I’d list the Internet webpages that reproduce Faal if it wouldn’t start a firestorm, but it probably would. Unfortunately some of the sources many people consult either post Faal directly or contain an story from Faal.

Many of the stories that are being circulated at this moment trace to “her.” When I pointed out to one owner of a distribution list that she was circulating a Faal story, I received this reply:

“Steve, I’m going to sit back on this one, and see what unfolds. Personally, I believe there’s much more to this than meets the eye.”

There’s always much more to Faal than meets the eye, but one has to dig deep to find out what that “much more” is. It’s what escapes the eye that’s usually the problem with Faal.

Most Faal stories share three characteristics:

  • They promote tremendous fear, insecurity, and anxiety.
  • They predict an overwhelming catastrophe for a nation or the world (usually the United States)
  • They allege some pretty bizarre behavior on the part of usually American public figures.

I fully grant that much bizarre behavior actually does seem to go on among many American public figures, but what happens when one quotes Faal is that usually what’s being pointed at doesn’t happen or turns out to be false and so those who cite her are left with reduced credibility.

And I think that’s one of Faal’s primary functions: to induce people to rely on “her” information and then suffer a reduction in stature when the hoax is revealed or the event doesn’t happen. The title of one of Faal’s articles, “To Believe a Liar Makes You a Liar Too” may suggest how this function works.

Moreover the public figure selected may reflect who the target of the moment may be. President Obama is the current favorite. Who benefits from that? The right in America primarily.

And finally the stirring up of fear and insecurity benefits the cabal, the secret state, the military-industrial complex which offers itself as the protector of the fearful and provides the national-security state, an erosion of constitutional rights, and endless war as its panacea.

In the last analysis, I personally think that “Sorcha Faal” is a CIA operation designed to make opponents of the elite/cabal/military-industrial complex look careless and unbelievable. And all too often we seem more than willing to lend “her” a hand.

So mark this down: . If you read a story that sounds frightening, outrageous, or alarming, check it out first before passing it along. This one source of information alone – Sorcha Faal – has done more damage to lightworkers’ attempts to know what’s really happening in the world than any other source I can think of – definitely someone’s secret weapon.

Don’t lend “her” a hand. Be discerning.

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