Paranoia Department: "Operation Mountain Guardian," the falling satellite, and what else?

Just what are we to make of the massive Homeland Security” military emergency “exercise” in Denver and Douglas County scheduled for tomorrow, September 23, on the Fall Equinox? Check it out. Vast, interconnected practice(?) in top-down “command and control” of multifocal “terrorist” attack in which no less than 101 “agencies” are expected to participate.

Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise

The lethal “shock and awe” light show that launched Iraq War II started on the Spring Equinox, 2003. I remember that date very well, as I thought the timing might have been deliberately coincidental.

Also, much is being made of a satellite that is expected to fall to Earth also on Friday, tomorrow, September 23rd. Is it the first time a satellite has fallen? No. In fact, in 2007 “Pentagon spokesman Bryan Whitman said more than 17,000 human-made objects have re-entered Earth’s atmosphere over the past 50 years without major incident.” So again, why is this particular space junk’s fall being made into a big deal?

Are the two events, Operation Mountain Guardian Emergency Exercise, and the fall of the satellite, to occur on the same day, connected? If so, how? Are they both elements in some kind of false flag? Or is one meant to deflect attention from the other? Or are both just decoys? Etc. etc. Down the rabbit hole into crazyland.

I write this within the still reverberating penumbra of the weirdness surrounding the two “earthquakes” that supposedly were actually caused by nuked, or EMP’d (or, here’s a new one, just in from David Wilcock, possibly destroyed by ET-caused, enormously increased air pressure!) underground cities in Colorado and Virginia.

Breathe, Ann, breathe.

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5 Responses to Paranoia Department: "Operation Mountain Guardian," the falling satellite, and what else?

  1. kel says:

    The timing is pretty weird, especially when you consider that Obama will be heading to Denver on September 27:

  2. Mark Brady says:

    Something funny is going on next week. What’s the deal with the Elenin alignment on the Monday the 26th? I’ve heard people say earthquakes are caused during this alignment but I’m not sold on that yet. Fishyness all around!

  3. Harmony says:

    I started wondering yesterday what was up when I saw this roll down the street in a small town in Washington State:

    Am I being paranoid? I’ve just never seen a Department of Emergency Management Mobile Operations Command Center driving down the street, especially in a small town, and during a time when there is currently no emergency…yet.

    I’m trying to be calm, and comfortable in my not knowing, however, sometimes that’s just not so easy.

    Love your blog Ann.

  4. Molly Hall says:

    Yes, breathe…sister just told me about a dream of seeing an erratically moving cosmic body in front of the crescent moon. She said it was an ‘end of the world dream.’
    Anyway, I guess O-M-G starts tomorrow. I’ve bookmarked your blog, really appreciate the astrology/exopolitical and gardening mix. I’ve got a similar thing going on.

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