THRIVE: What on earth will it take?

This little video connects the three major dots: ufos, free energy, and fiat banking — and then counters it with “there is another way:”

“The simple power of truth.”

“We are not nearly as insignificant as we think we are.”

“We can create a world where people can thrive.”

Thrive. What on earth will it take?

Thanks to Jean Hudon.

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5 Responses to THRIVE: What on earth will it take?

  1. Rob. says:


    How do you countenance these two apparently contrasting worldviews- permaculture and its assumption of the premises of ‘Limits to Growth,’ and alliance with a peak energy outlook, and the argument that free energy exists and maybe has been suppressed? Seems like it undercuts one of the arguments of the importance of gardening the earth. Or maybe it forces the issue toward a concern about connection and quality of life, and not simply permaculture by necessity?

    Also, Ran Prieur has made the point: ‘The worst thing that could possibly happen to humans and the Earth would be unlimited, free, clean energy. We would use it the way we have always used it, but more: to cut down filthy dangerous trees and replace them with clean safe artificial trees, to flatten useless mountains and put up engineered climbing rocks and ski slopes, to tame the weather into blue skies with puffy clouds that never rain, and don’t need to rain because we have rivers of Dasani™ circulated through pumps. We would turn the Earth into 200 million square miles of Disneyland, with the few remaining wild animals in NatureDomes where every flea would be computer-tagged.’

    Makes sense to me, though maybe there’s more to it. What are your thoughts?

    • Great question, and it was kind of implicit in the name of this blog, exo-permaculture, what lies on the outside of permaculture; so it has always held the tendency towards some kind of permacultural heresy . . . Yet, permaculture, in the 3D world, is the soul of sanity. Let me think on all that you have raised here. Thanks!

  2. fridolin Turlutin says:

    For those who are children of the earth, please listen to my words, I speak for our mother.

    Thrive is a clear example of merchant propaganda, like many other built on the same pattern.

    ll the ingredients of mainstream fast food for the sick brains of the people in our overstimulated and infatuated societies are present in this mental big mac . New age pretensions, outer space intelligence behind the revelation, miraculous free energy is in big letters on the entry sign of this proposition of a new world where alle the words everybody wants to hear are used ad nauseam. Wealth, democracy, equality, freedom etc etc.
    It’s another announcement for an Eldorado for those looking for an apparent easy way to solve their problems

    Lets look at it with special glasses that allow reading small and hidden characters. The merchants behind the proposition say that the thorus, a natural expression of energy in the nature can be used through a machine they sell … Maybe you can buy the plans, you’ll still have to buy the parts from the industries they control. It’s recuperation of ancient knowledge that was used without any technology, the body was the only mediator needed for using it. This knowledge is still alive and few practitioners use it in their lives.

    Machines are not the answer, it’s the problem.

    • I really appreciate this comment, and tend to agree, and yet, and yet! We are here. We do have machines. How do we go from here, to there, where we no longer need anything but our bodies, our hands, and tools made by those hands alone?

      I googled this person, Fridolin Turlutin, and found a youtube video, uploaded not long ago. Short. No words. 9 viewers so far. Deserves more.

  3. Fridolin Turlutin says:

    We are here and we must tend to return to the less expensive way’s nature proposed to mankind for staying in the family.
    I said I would unveil true signification of ancient legends an myths . For those who have read some of them maybe you have been trough the Mesopotamia creation myth, one of the oldest written. It is about a war between the gods and after the victory of Mardouk over Tiamat , Kingu the general of Tiamat army was killed to create humanity meant to serve the gods as slaves. It is said they were made out of clay and the vital force from the death of Kingu served to animate to the clay figurines. In the ancient sumerian versions, the gods used to play cruel games with their human slaves, the gods are depicted as lazy and drunkards. Mankind was nothing more than tools that were thrown away when used. Another historian wrote about those gods saying something similar on their behavior toward man, his name is Sanchoniaton a Phenician that lived two thousand years BC under Semiramis Assyrian queen. He said that they were humans that were deifed because they taught techniques like agriculture, architecture and metallurgy to humanity and that they were depraved and without morals. We can see the two stories complete the scene of what is the true version of history, those gods were humans with a technological knowledge acquired in the precedent cycle, they fascinated the primitive man the same way merchants fascinate your kids with modern technology.

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