Another view of the Virginia and Colorado "earthquakes": not nuclear, but EMP

Maybe not earthquakes and maybe not nuclear: Here’s another view. Thanks to Steve Beckow.

(BTW: some 911 truthers think the towers went due to EMP weaponry, possibly in combination with controlled detonation.)

Turning the Cabal’s Own Weapons on Them?

by Steve Beckow

Randy Maugans of Off-Planet Radio has argued that what happened to the deep underground military bunkers (DUMBs) beneath Washington and Colorado was the use of an directed-energy weapon on the underground tunnels linking DUMBs. Implicit in this, I would imagine, is that few casualties resulted.

He calls this turning the cabal’s own weapons on them. I post an excerpt from that article, thanks to Starseed.

“Not a typical earthquake…?”

Randy Maugans, Sept. 2, 2011

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck 180 miles from Denver, Colorado, with tremors felt in the neighboring states of Kansas and New Mexico, according to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). It did not caused any major impacts save for some minor structural damage at homes near the epicenter and minor damages to highways nearby.The quake is the largest since a 5.7 magnitude (man-made) earthquake in 1973. The biggest earthquake to strike the region on record was a 6.6 magnitude quake that struck in 1882.

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck 38 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia, according to the USGS. The quake rippled all the way from Georgia to New York.

No major damage, injuries, or fatalities were reported. Perhaps the most notable physical damage is a crack in the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. The quake did, however, cause traffic delays and massive (but short) evacuation from buildings all over the East Coast.

My source has told me the August 22-23 “seismic events” (we’ll call it that for now) were NOT a earthquakes—nor were they nuclear events, as is being speculated in the alternative media. A source known to this writer as a knowledgeable “insider”, has directly stated that the events were, in fact, a final warning to the elites in D.C. that their days are numbered.

“They have now been warned…they went over the line”, was how it was presented in the conversation.

Forces working at the top levels of global power (think: “blood line families”) have been deeply divided in recent times over the machinations of the toxic leadership in the westernized axis of power (NATO, World Bank, IMF, and allied global financial/military powers); and now, a select group have now begun to respond on instructions from concerned elites—a group who are not involved in the negative global actions that have triggered financial collapses (whereby major banking arms of the Rothchild group have pillaged $100 billions for “profit-taking”), the riots across the middle east and resulting fall of “old guard” leaders, the March 11, 2011 “tsunam-ing” of Japan (a nuclear triggered event)—as well as the continuing disaster of the Gulf of Mexico “oil spil” (“Gaping Wound”); in addition to the doctrine of perpetual war which has plagued the world since World War II.

Their Weapons Turned Against “Them”

This writer was informed that what actually occurred in the underground “events” of August 22nd and 23rd were, in fact, a directed energy weapon aimed at underground tunnels used by the elites in their activities. This weapon is both exotic—and one of “their” own creation—their weapons are now turned upon “them.” The east coast event followed the 5.3 seismic event in Colorado, which occurred on Monday night at 11:46, Mountain Time; and was was centered at nine miles from Trinidad, CO, with shocks felt in Greeley, CO 350 miles north and into Kansas and New Mexico.

Both quakes were remarkable for being centered in areas where activity is very rare, and distinguished by a lack of damage “on the ground”; and both were notable for the shallowness of the blasts, as well as the wide areas in which the events were felt. Trinidad, CO is 251 miles northeast of the underground bases located in Dulce, NM; while the east coast event occurred at Mineral, VA which is 77 miles south of the Washington, D.C./Alexandria, VA axis of the Nation’s Capitol. It is widely”speculated” that the D.C./Virginia/Maryland/W. Virginia area is dotted with underground tunnels and roads used in military and government operations.

Impact from the east coast event traveled as far west as Cleveland, OH, and as far north as New York state. Within hours of the Washington, D.C. event, the National Weather Service began issuing warnings about Hurricane Irene, which ramped up over the next 48 hours, resulting in shutdowns of major services from the Carolinas to Long Island, NY. Irene became the news—or rather non-news—that then dominated the cable networks over the next 72 hours, despite the storm failing to produce anything near the anticipated “disaster” that was predicted on the media—and conveniently, driving the two seismic events off the front stage of news coverage.

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