Missing: 36 thousand pounds of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium

Update: See Stephen’s comment at end, which puts more teeth into the math, though I still don’t know how to figure the whole thing out in terms of numbers of bombs. Thanks, Stephen! (I’m such a dunce at math that I’m even hard pressed to make change. Is this denial? Or is it PTSD, from the time in first grade when I asked the nun, Sr. Bernita, “What is a number?” and she stared at me for a long time and then announced, “That is not a question, dear.”)

I’m trying to wrap my mind around the import of this story. Okay, google it. Let’s see now . . . 64.2 kilograms of Uranium went into the bomb that incinerated Hiroshima, and there’s 0.45359237 kilograms in one pound. That’s .45359237 times 36,000 divided by 64.2 equals 254.3408617. So, if it was all uranium that was stolen, that would be roughly enough for 254 plus Hiroshoma bombs. Correct? (I’m a math dunce. Please correct me. Do I even have the correct formula?) Unlike Hiroshima’s “Fat Man,” the Nagasaki “Little Boy” was plutonium, not uranium, and my quick google search doesn’t come up with how much plutonium was in it, but anyway, you get the picture.

If indeed, 36,000 pounds of this stuff has been stolen, then it’s either part of the initial set up for a false-flag scenario, or incredibly stupid bungling in an industry where exacting care should be the norm, or both: the PTW (powers that were) taking advantage of bungling to set up a nuclear false flag. Whatever the case, after the ongoing horror of Fukushima, the”incidents” in American reactors due to floods and earthquakes this summer, and the big out-of-control fire that came alarmingly close to Los Alamos (remember that? So . . . long . . . ago . . .), this alarming “fact” (?) of 36k pounds of this stuff missing needs to be punctuated as the final straw that breaks the nuclear camel’s back.

I was born in December 1942, three weeks after scientists performed the first fission experiment under the bleachers of a Chicago stadium. Even as a child, when I felt like Chicken Little, and then more and more consciously from my twenties on, I have realized that I came in on the generational wave whose soul contract it was to pull, coax, or yank humanity back from the brink of nuclear annhilation. Now 68 years old, I’m still highly attuned to our generational mission. No matter how many other “causes” may magnetize me, this is the one that we’ve got to win.

Thanks to businessinsider.com.

The U.S. Is Unable To Account For 36 Thousand Pounds Of Weapons Grade Uranium And Plutonium

by Robert Johnson

September 15, 2011
  • Handling plutonium
Handling plutonium (DOE)

Under special nuclear cooperation agreements, the United States sent 38,580 pounds of enriched uranium and plutonium to more than two-dozen foreign agencies and is unable to account for 36,000 pounds of the material.

The Government Accountability Office report says these 27 cooperation agreements, set up to facilitate cross border research, have no accountability and the U.S. has no way to enforce control.

Because there is no reporting process in place, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has been visiting nuclear storage sites overseas when permitted, but has not regularly visited countries with the greatest risk of proliferation.

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4 Responses to Missing: 36 thousand pounds of weapons-grade uranium and plutonium

  1. Susan McElroy says:

    Ooops, I forgot to tell you, I put it in my garage… Never know when you may need to blow up the universe…

  2. Stephen D McCloue says:

    Trinity test about 680 milligrams, which resulted in about a 15 kiloton explosion.

    “Little Boy” bomb 141.5 pounds.

    “Fat Man” bomb 13.6 pounds.

    • Stephen D McCloud says:

      About 6.2 kg of plutonium in Fat man. More explosives than that. It takes less plutonium than uranium to create a sustained explosion. No way to calculate from the article how many bombs could be built — doesn’t say how much plutonium vs uranium. It would be interesting to know how much plutonium is missing since it is by far the more dangerous.

  3. It is funny how fast this log can get buried inside blogs insiide logs inside posts. I am going to continue to state that this is another recipe for another disaster !

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