September 16, 2011: David Wilcock interviews Ben Fulford

And what an exciting read this is! I’ve been leery of Ben Fulford, since he seems to be such an over-the-top “good” vs “evil” guy, with cops and robbers chasing each other world-wide. But this interview offers up his overview of the situation with such historical detail and complexity that I’m beginning to open to its possible truth, as the hidden subtext of the time-line that the collective mind currently pops into manifestation moment by moment.

This interview addresses the idea that those unusual earthquakes on August 22 and 23rd near Denver and Washington, D.C. were caused by nuclear bombs set off at the entrances to two of the cabal’s underground cities. At the time I thought the idea so wildly imaginative as to be preposterous, and didn’t post it, but placed in Fulford’s enlarged context, I do wonder if perhaps that is what happened (again, at least in the standard time-line . . .)

This long interview is at the very least, extremely entertaining, and makes us think. If Fulford is right, then the cabal has long been working on a completely different level than that of nation-states, or even corporations, its members threading their way through the tops of diverse secret and not-so-secret hierarchies. And, says Fulford, their numbers are rapidly diminishing as we move through the end-times, 2011-2012, of an eonic historical cycle that both the cabal and its growing opposition agree is of immense and climactic significance.

Here’s the link:

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