First of three posts: Einstein, from another dimension, talks about dimensions

Let this post serve as an introduction to a discussion of dimensionality, according to Einstein. The next two posts will present Einstein’s purported “take” on dimensions one through six, and seven through twelve.

I am in deep gratitude to, for this message from Einstein through the channel Linda Dillon. I find it by far the most informative and interesting discussion on dimensions that I have come across, for three reasons: 1) his claim that all dimensions can be accessed from the third dimension, 2) the inclusion of “lessons” (what he calls “qualities of growth”) to be learned in each dimension, and 3) the idea that we don’t “ascend” from one dimension to another by leaving this body. Rather, “Ascension” is something that happens right here and right now, as we widen and deepen our consciousness through the various stages or states of growth. YES!

His outline is so interesting to me that I’ve just printed it out to post on my wall, so that whenever I feel puzzled and at a loss as to how to proceed with some seemingly infinitely tricky and complex social/ethical situation that I attracted to myself as a challenge, I’ll stand in front of “Dimensions, according to Einstein” and ponder: “Let’s see, which dimension(s) am I working with here?”

I find that I can easily grok and even articulate dimensions as Einstein talks about them one through six; I struggle endlessly to articulate the 7th dimension, since I feel it so strongly; higher dimensions, however, fade into fog. Meanwhile, I notice that:

1) I’ve been working on integrating the 4th dimension (magic) since my 20s, and especially focused in this realm as a counseling astrologer, helping people identify and integrate the various split-off parts within themselves. What I noticed: each time we grok the complementarity in any seeming opposition, i.e., each time we “take back our projection” of one pole onto another person or situation, we integrate the two poles into paradox and shift our experience entirely.

2) I’ve been aware of and deeply immersed in the lesson plan of the 5th dimension (constant change) also for a number of decades, and still find it challenging, and even exhilarating. My book, This Vast Being: A Voyage through Grief and Exaltation, about my process of conscious grieving in solitude during the first year following death of my husband is centered, I realize now, in what Einstein refers to as the 5th dimension. The five or six posts I wrote about my grief following the death of my little dog Emma on July 6th of this year are also attempts to articulate my experience of this dimension.

3) The 6th dimension, where ideas and beliefs move into form, has also been my work for decades, especially in the “causes” espoused by the magazines that I have founded: OpenSpace (1978-1980), to help my religiously dominated small home town open into a more inclusive sense of community, and especially, Crone Chronicles (1989-2001) and Crone Magazine (2007 ongoing), to transform, revalue and reposition the inner experience, and the social role and status of, age and aging in contemporary society. Also, in my ’60s, I have been working again with “community consciousness” in another, bigger town. Now this work has become a global movement, with a name, “relocalization,” and for me it begins with neighborhoods, We need to move from worrying about “nosy neighbors” to valuing their eyes and ears and skills and capacity for connectedness and sharing as much as our own to ensure community security and abundance in a time of massive, increasingly chaotic, global change. To this end, I work as an activist with the Green Acres Neighborhood Association, founded the Green Acres Neighborhood Garden, and we have just, within the past two months, co-founded the Green Acres Neighborhood Ecovillage.

What I notice is that the higher, i.e., the more inclusive, the dimension, the more interesting and complex its challenges, the longer it takes to “see results,” and, of course, the more subtle and profound those results in their long unfolding process of realization.

I just reread the 7th dimension, according to Einstein, and realize that every time I talk about the “Field of Love,” every time in one of these posts that I foolishly try, and fail, to articulate our immersion in this extraordinary atmosphere of deep allowing and sweet gratitude and forgiveness of all of it, everyone and everything, and all our peccadillos and eccentricities; every time I point with seemingly silly and sentimental reference to the quality of oceanic oneness that we and our little planet are endlessly bathed within, and that is being flipped into form by our collective and individual consciousness moment by moment by moment out of the amniotic atmosphere of infinite seeds of possibility, each one quivering with life and pressing to burst into song; every time I weep with the beauty and awe of being alive, and aware, and attuned to the soul of another person or tree or river, or cloud, or insect, or bird, I am in resonance with this dimension and beyond. So much mystery. So much life. So much




Each day, I awaken to the mantra I shared with my little dog Emma, and now with my little dog Shadow: “We are sooooo lucky. This is the best day ever!”

Look to the next two posts for the Einstein material on dimensions.

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