UFO reports seem to be dramatically increasing in U.S.

UFO over Giants game, San Francisco, September 10, 2011

Thanks to openminds.tv. However, as the author states, at least part of what appears as a huge jump may be due to increasing public awareness of MUFON.

BTW: I just googled “UFO sightings August 2011”, and got an interesting site I’d never seen before: latest-ufo-sightings.net. A good one! Videos of sightings from around the world.

UFO reports increase: Most states saw August boom

UFO Examiner

September 13, 2011 –

Reports of UFOs rose dramatically across the country over the past six weeks – although Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) International Director Clifford Clift says more data is needed over the next two months before any conclusion can be drawn.

The rise in MUFON reports – for some states – appears to have begun sometime in July 2011 and continued throughout August 2011 – and many states saw their average monthly report numbers double or triple (or more) in August.

Reached at his office today in Colorado, Clift is considering the idea that MUFON’s recent international symposium and other media reports of UFO activity may have triggered a better awareness of MUFON in the general population – causing the number of reports to swell.

The following are example state monthly statistics. The first number shows the average number of UFO reports in that state for January 1, 2011, through July 31, 2011. The second number is the actual number of UFO reports from that state for the first 12 days of August 2011. The percentage is the increase between the state’s average seven-month number, and the August number. This data is followed by the total number of reports so far in September, and finally if that state remains at the same rate, a predictor number for total September reports.

California, 50.85 (7-month average), 127 August reports, (249.75 percent increase). Cases thorugh September 12 is 40. Predicting: 100 September cases.

Colorado, 9.85 (7-month average), 29 August reports, (194.41 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 9. Predicting: 22 September cases.

Connecticut, 3.28 (7-month average), 38 August reports, (1058.53 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 2. Predicting: 5 September cases.

Florida, 20.71 (7-month average), 69 August reports, (233.17 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 11. Predicting 27 September cases.

Kentucky, 8.71 (7-month average), 22 August reports, (152.58 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 4. Predicting 10 September cases.

Michigan, 16 (7-month average), 44 August reports, (175 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 20. Predicting 50 September cases.

Missouri, 10 (7-month average), 39 August reports, (290 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 11. Predicting 27 September cases.

New York, 11.71 (7-month average), 46 August reports, (292.82 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 20. Predicting 50 September caess.

North Carolina, 7.57 (7-month average), 19 August reports, (150.99 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 7. Predicting 17 September cases.

Ohio, 11.28 (7-month average), 38 August reports, (236.87 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 10. Predicting 25 September caess.

Pennsylvania, 19 (7-month average), 62 August reports (226.31 percent increase). Cases through September 12 is 17. Predicting 42 September reports.

Texas, 28.57 (7-month average), 59 August reports (106.51 percent). Cases through September 12 is 26. Predicting 65 September cases.

Almost all states were affected in the recent report increase – even Wyoming with a mere four UFO reports between January 1, and July 31, 2011, had five reports in August. It could be that MUFON experienced a brief – possibly six-week reports increase – and things are settling down – well, for most states at least.

Predicting UFO activity is tough. But if you’re dead set on seeing a UFO for the first time – my top 10 “best bet” states for the second half of September are – in this order: California, Texas, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, Missouri, Ohio, Colorado and North Carolina. Combined – those 10 states should have about 425 September sightings – that’s 14 per day. I’d watch the sky from a good spot between sun down and about 3 a.m. And if you spot a UFO – there’s a very strong trend this past year – they move in groups and they often return to the same area within minutes of a sighting. So if you see a UFO, stick around – more may be on the way. And there’s no guarantee your electronic equipment will remain working during your sighting – but pack several cameras for the task.

Additional follow-up on these numbers as statistics are available. If you encounter an object you are not familiar with – very low to the ground, or one that has landed – safety first. Move a safe distance away from the object – call 911 – and please – file a report with MUFON at mufon.com.

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