Mayan Calendar shifts with seasonal shift

I don’t usually publish Denise LeFay’s pieces, though I do read them at But this morning I was flabbergasted to read that she, too, is beginning to experience her consciousness as “spherical.” I had been thinking about writing a post on this change in me, and now I can refer to hers instead.

Basically, we both seem to be referring to a “state of mind” where linear time has morphed into spaciousness. Within this time-as-a sphere, my awareness focuses here, then there, then somewhere else, flitting about from one vantage point to another, and even, I would add simultaneously: here, there, and sometimes seemingly everywhere, past, to present — to future?

And I, too, have been seeing things out of the corner of my eyes as they fly past. That’s been going on for years, even decades, but never on a daily basis, as now.

And of course, there’s the relentless acceleration that leaves me each day wondering what happened. Yesterday (was it yesterday?), I was sure it was Sunday. What happened to Monday?

One thing she didn’t mention, and so I will, as it’s a chief feature of my current evolutionary process: periodic insomnia, sometimes lasting the entire night. Not quite awake either; stuck in some kind of in-between state. Don’t like it. It used to be that these periods would last only one to three hours; pulling all-nighters isn’t fun.

Oh, and one more thing: whatever subject or task (whatever point in the sphere) I focus on in the daytime (even on a day like this one, after one of these strange all-night half-conscious vigils), somehow, with no effort, I bore instantly to the heart of it, deal with all its intricacies, and tie up all loose ends in what feels like minutes, seconds! Even complicated ones, that used to require days, or weeks.

Glad that she noticed the conjunction between the Fall Equinox (when, for one shining moment, light balances the ascending dark) and the start of Night Six of the Calleman version of the Mayan Calendar. That these two markers, one seasonal, the other eonic (new word, means “of the eons”), should be so precisely aligned does feel uncanny. As if change points now, are so clearly and pointedly punctuated, that if you’re meant to grok them, you certainly will!

2011 Fall Equinox and Night Six

September 14, 2011

September 23, 2011 is the Fall Equinox

Today is Sept. 13, 2011 and I just realized that the fall Equinox is mere moments away! Amazing how 3D linear time is getting harder to keep track of while existing within the quantum 5D “Now Moment” is increasingly becoming the new “normal”. Talk about shifting perspectives!

It’s September 2011 and for many of us linear time is rapidly receding into the background of our evolving, expanding consciousness and matching world reality. Part of me senses I need to be mindful of these remaining transitional days and dates within the completing Mayan calendar no matter how strange or trying it’s becoming for me to focus and hold my awareness in the old timeline long enough to write something semi-meaningful. The 2011 fall Equinox is only days away, yet my awareness remembers how potent and painful July 2011 was. The linear time and spacebetween July and mid-September seems to me to be only days apart…not two months! Consciousness is in the quantum, spherical “Now Moment” here…then over there…then way over there. It’s getting harder for me to relate to things in the old familiar linear way which is great unless I’m balancing my checkbook or trying to do something important like that in the old lower 3D Earth world. Did I physically do it or just think about doing it? What day is it? What decade is it? What season is it? What was that thing I just saw zip through the room? Aah the weird joys of living through the Ascension Process.

I suspect the 2011 fall Equinox—like every other important Stair Step energy day from now through December 21, 2012—will be extra potent, extra powerful, extra reality and consciousness-changing. I’ll quote Barbara Hand Clow’s fall Equinox report as I always do when it’s available, and not discuss strictly astrological Equinox energies in this article. I do sense that as the Sun enters 0° Libra on September 23, 2011 (2:05 AM PDT), we’re going to feel yet another major integration and shift within ourselves individually and collectively.

September 23, 2011 is also the start of NIGHT SIX

The Sun entering Libra—the fall Equinox in the northern hemisphere, spring Equinox in the southern hemisphere—is when day/night are balanced, equal, or unified in physicality. But in 2011 I sense the annual Libra energies and Equinox will activate this integration or “Unity Consciousness” process within each of us to a degree it hasn’t so far. Why you may be questioning? Because it’s September 2011; because it’s also the start of NIGHT Six (Sept. 23–Oct. 10, 2011); because the global “Cosmic Convergence” starts on Sept. 23–26, 2011 and will further integrate and elevate the planetary collective, and because it’s only 35 days left until October 28, 2011 and the completion of the Mayan calendar!

[To refresh your memory see Carl Calleman’s July article, Participate in the Cosmic Convergence Sept. 23–26, 2011 ]

“For this aspect of the process I feel that there is one shift point that deserves our full attention and this is the beginning of the sixth night.” – Carl Calleman

I’ve noticed the Ascension-related energy Stair Steps are increasingly grouping together and joining forces during these “end times” or remaining months of the Mayan calendar to help humanity (that’s ready) vibrationally launch itself out of this ending Evolutionary Cycle, world reality, dimension and timeline and into a totally new and more complex Great Evolutionary Cycle.

  • Sept. 23, 2011 Fall/Spring Equinox and Night Six start on the same day
  • October’s 10-10-11 portal happens on the last day of Night Six
  • October’s 10-11-11 portal happens on the first day of the last Day Day Seven

Because Libra typically deals with the process of integrating polarities/duality, integration of male/female energies in self, balance in all ways, equality, harmony, beauty, peace, is naturally wired to more easily embody “Unity Consciousness”, has a natural energetic connection to other-dimensional Starbeings/ETs, all of these things will be highlighted because they’re energetically piggy-backed on top of the increasing Unity or High Heart Consciousness activated by the lastDays/Nights of the ending Mayan calendar and the Evolutionary Cycle it represents.

In other words, September 2011′s fall/spring Equinox is a double-whammy of Unity Consciousness energies which will, among other things, cause more people to be able to perceive and probably telepathically interact with certain Starbeings/ET’s waiting for us to fully arrive within a still slightly higher and faster vibrating frequency of energy—aka rejoin Universal Society. I’m not saying 3D “disclosure” is going to happen soon because I don’t think it will in the way many people have been told and believe it will. But I do sense that more people will be vibrating fast and high enough now to begin clairvoyantly seeing for themselves some of the many other-dimensional Starbeings/ETs that have always existed only inches away from humanity…but light-years away as far as different energy frequencies and consciousness go. So, just a heads-up to the possibility of having some ET company suddenly pop into your evolving and expanding range of consciousness both while asleep and awake.

The 2011 fall/spring Equinox will also highlight and greatly amplify many people’s inner male/female energies to be integrated at even higher levels of frequency and being. Plus our brains and bodies are being further refined by embodying increasing amounts of Light Energy which continues to evolve and change us and what we’re capable of perceiving, feeling, knowing and creating. From the 2011 fall Equinox forward these things (and more) will be amplified internally and externally in increasing numbers of people.

These evolutionary/ascension transformations are time-coded energy activations coming from Source, the Milky Way Galactic Center, other galactic systems and our Sun. Humans on Earth are either activated by these evolutionary energy triggers or they’re not. Again, no one is being forgotten or “left behind” as some people (not me) have worded it. It’s either time for a soul to be “Harvested” to the next Great Evolutionary Cycle and level of development or not. To everything other than the lower consciousness human ego this process is perfect, divinely orchestrated, ongoing and completely normal. Keep that in mind/heart please and no fear for self (Aries) or all others (Libra). Do we mourn or worry over the rest of the lower grades in school who don’t graduate at the same time the graduating Senior class does each year? Stair Steps…always stair steps.


September 13, 2011 (midpoint of DAY Six)

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