9/11/11 aftermath: Why so many of us feel seized, by shame

Paul Krugman is right. We don’t celebrate, and we don’t wallow in pious sentimentality either. We feel stuck, mired, seized by shame. Author Mark Sashine spells out what’s on the conscience of Americans, a “disgusting sin against the holy spirit.”

9/11 is the litmus test, worldwide. If we continue to believe the lies, we are either complicit or deluded or stupid.

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And our cities are part of the cities

Destroyed by us…

— B Brecht

by Mark Sashine

September 12, 2011

I was 45 when 9/11 took place. Now I am 55. It is high time to forget the illusions and stop being disappointed on every step. But it really hurts to see marauders. It hurts when Joe Scarborough asks us all to ‘thank Obama and Bush for keeping us safe’, as some sheep thanking the shepherds. It hurts to see the farce when Obama and Bush stand together and pretend to be united or when Clinton invokes the 300 Spartans talking about Flight 93. It hurts no matter what. Lie cannot lead to the truth and if 9/11 was a tragic event it was also an event of unbelievable coverup and satanic danse macabre. And it only started there. Now we reap the harvest:

1. Vincent Bugliosi, the best jurist of the US had proven that Y2000 elections were stolen by Bush. Now Joe Scarborough wants us to thank Bush. Go figure.

2. Aftet 9/11 in two unlawful wars and currently in Lybia we, the US invaders had killed about 1 million people, destroyed the way of life of tens of millions. tortured, maimed and abused tens of thousands of people and killed tens of thousands of our own. And we now celebrate.

3. Due to necessity of the invasion of Iraq the mission of Columbia Shuttle was not a topic of a national emergency or asking for help from other nations. They died in fire. All because of Iraq. And now we celebrate.

4. During the decade following 9/11 not only we invoked stupid and uinlawful ‘laws’ like Patriot Act but we also transformed the country to the pseudo-police state with enormous Homeland Security which spends billions on self- support. And we celebrate it now.

5. Our economy collapsed under the pressure of wars, thievery and greed. We have no economy anymore. And we celebrate it now.

6. We had cultivated a clan of corrupt elite. After 9/11 NOT EVEN ONE government official was fired or demoted or even investigated. R. Clark, who stated unequivocally that the government failed, was shunned. And we celebrate it now.

7. Thousands of innocent people were put to jail under fabricated accusations of terrorism, many of them very young. We have a permanent concentration camp in Gitmo now. At the same time NO TRIAL was performed on the official 9/11 event because it was procalimed an act of war. Evidence was destroyed and no criminal investigation was sought. And we celebrate this now.

8. The propaganda machine had been mobilized to crush and ridicule any possible opposition or strife for truth. Prominent Americans like Scott Ritter or Michael Moore were slandered multiple times. Dark forces like ‘Tea Party’ are flourishing. Right- wing extremism is on the rise. And we celebrate that now.

9. Our current President came out to be a patsy. He is all talk. He likes to talk. He also likes drones. He likes to kill people and watch those acts on TV together with his staff. That’s what he calls leadership. He is now a joint DEM/GOP candidate. And we celebrate it now.

10. We are in economic crisis. There are no jobs. There is no meanningful finance. The very fabric of the country is crumbling beneath our feet while our media hysterically laughs. And we celebrate this now.

SEIZURE. That’s the word for what we are now. We are frozen in seizure and shock and we refuse the way to get out. We prefer to be in seizure and we thank those ‘ doctors’ who infuse the poison so that we can stay in that position forever. Forever Seizure. This is not life. This is a shame. This is a dusgusting sin against the Holy Spirit.

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