9/11 farce: Jets scramble to stop couple spooning in aircraft bathroom

Keeping in mind Colin Powell’s prediction, back in 2007, of the Terrorist Security Complex, here’s what happened yesterday. And BTW: I don’t think it’s so much that “the terrorists have won,” but that the-hidden-nefarious-entity-that-has-been-creating-both-the-terrorists-and-the-fear for profit and control has won. And will continue to do win as long as we the sheeple keep pretending that others are in charge of our lives.

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Ludicrous overreaction to airplane bathrooms visits underscores the fact that the terrorists have won

by Paul Joseph Watson

September 12, 2011

The consequences of a “credible and specific” warning that terrorists were planning to blow up bridges or tunnels on the anniversary of 9/11 turned into a police state showcase and ended in a farce when fighter jets were scrambled as a response to people visiting airplane bathrooms.

Following days of endless fearmongering prompted by a “reliable source” who provided “uncorroborated” information that Al-Qaeda was planning to strike this weekend, we were saturated with images of police brazenly violating the 4th amendment by conducting sweeping vehicle and bag searches, national guard troops with guns, and random checkpoints, all serving as a reminder that the terrorists really did win.

But what became of the deadly terror plot? Was the attempt foiled by the suffocating but necessary “security” procedures?

“Fighter planes were scrambled, bomb squads were called, FBI command centers went on alert and police teams raced to airports today, but in the end two separate airline incidents were caused by apparently innocent bathroom breaks and a little “making out,” federal officials said,” reports ABC News.

F-16 fighter jets were scrambled to follow a Frontier Airlines flight from Denver to Detroit after reports that three passengers, two men and a woman, were acting “suspiciously” and spending lengthy amounts of time in the bathroom.

After landing in Detroit, police stormed the plane with guns drawn and ordered everybody to put their heads down and their hands on the seat in front of them.

“The policeman said everybody remain seated. Everyone remains seated. If you get out of your seats you will be taken care of quickly,” said Marilyn Dietrick,” reports ABC 7.

Passengers were then ordered off the plane without their belongings and forced to undergo FBI questioning while bomb-sniffing dogs searched their luggage.

“No one was hurt and so far no one has been placed under arrest. All of the detained passengers, including the three who were first taken off the plane, have been released,” reports ABC 7.
It turned out that the “suspicious behavior” was two people “making out” in the bathroom mid-flight, law enforcement sources told ABC News.”

In another incident, two fighter jets were scrambled to escort an American Airlines jet into New York’s JFK airport. Again, the “suspicious behavior” that prompted the alert comprised of passengers visiting the restroom.

So the serious and sober terror alert that provoked thousands of headlines and a multi-million dollar security response, while of course presenting the perfect opportunity to reinforce the police state by invoking 9/11, culminated in nothing more than an almighty freak out in response to a few people eager to use the bathroom.

The whole farce underscores the fact that the terrorists have won. The goal of terror is to fundamentally change society so that the population alters their behavior and willingly relinquishes their freedom through fear. By exploiting the threat of terrorism to provoke fear, the federal government has achieved this objective.

The fact that Americans are more likely to die from intestinal illnesses, accident-causing deer, and allergic reactions to peanuts than they are in terrorist attacks is buried amidst all the panic and hand-wringing about deadly plots that never come to fruition, but do serve to justify the bloated Homeland Security state that has swallowed up America in the drive for profit and control.

This is why military-industrial complex publications like National Defense have openly expressed the need to maintain “fear and an unrealistic American perception of risk” regarding terrorist attacks in order to drive up profits.

This can only be accomplished with the complicity of the establishment media, who are certain to hype more dubious terror alerts, which former DHS head Tom Ridge admitted were faked and exaggerated for political purposes, in order to generate the kind of hysteria that leads to visits to the bathroom being characterized as suspicious and terror-related.

Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show.

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  1. Santa Fe Roger says:

    Reading this article reminds me of the time I spent as a marketing manager for a software engineering firm in the late 1980’s. They were doing mostly DoD work & wanted me to generate more business, initially in the defense world & then in the civilian realm. The good news is that I had no luck generating more DoD business, but I helped land a civilian contract that brought in 1/3 of their revenues for my final year there & they started shifting their focus & now do 95% civilian work! Hooray for that small victory!

    I digressed from my main point, which regards the military-industrial complex and their attitudes. I had to read a publication called: “Defense News Weekly.” When the wall came down between East & West Germany, can you imagine what the lead headline was in this publication? Here is their headline: “Defense Stocks Plummet as Fear of World Peace Breaks Out!” As my late father would have said: “They got that bassackwards!” (punchline to an old joke;^)

    When Dwight Eisenhower was president, he warned about the dangers of letting that very military industrial complex gain too much power. Too bad his advice was not heeded at the time. As more of us wake up, perhaps the dream of turning weapons into plows can manifest in different creative and Mother Earth supporting cooperative ways.


    Santa Fe Roger

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