9/11 10th anniversary: Don't forget to remember! — be afraid, be very afraid.

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9/11 hype: False Flag Programming in Full Bloom

by Zen Gardner

September 11, 2011

They’re at it again big time, folks, and really cranking it up. Beware. Not of the terrorists….of THEM!.

The “warnings” generated by the Big Brother State are coming at us fast and furious. And following patterns and narratives engrained in our brains for decades now. We’ve seen this before from Waco to Oklahoma City, from overseas “attacks” on military targets by “extremists” to 9/11, we’ve been TOLD who the enemy is. Period. And it’s bogus.

Here’s how the sheeple will be “primed” for the next “attact”:

Sources: Authorities Concerned About Possible Dirty Bomb, Times Square Strike

Say Al Qaeda Eager To Hit Where They Failed, Just Like 9/11 Following 1993

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Just two days before the 10th anniversary, New York City is on high alert.

Federal and local authorities have beefed up security after receiving intelligence about a credible threat. The alleged plot by al Qaeda involves detonating car bombs on bridges and in tunnels in New York and Washington D.C. to coincide with the anniversary of 9/11.

“Freak Out, Everyone”

One thing about warning people is you have to be credible. Problem is, when it comes to warnings about your supposed safety, we all tend to err on the safe side. So it’s pretty easy for them to corral the populace through fear. After all, they’re the “authorities” and have been herding the sheep for ages.

Such manipulation it’s infuriating.

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The Shifty Face of Fear

But look at the would-be fear generating “pot shots” being taken at us from all sides:

–Obama says recently look for the lone gunman…(last year he said mini-nukes)

–Napolitano now says watch for bomb-laden vehicles..including dirty bombs..as if some of them are clean.. (last week it was small planes…)

US alert over ‘credible 9/11 terror threat’

Officials say manhunt is under way for suspects as New York and Washington raise security ahead of attacks’ anniversary.

US officials have said they are investigating a credible but unconfirmed threat of a terror attack, reportedly involving bomb-laden vehicles ahead of this weekend’s 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

“There is specific, credible but unconfirmed threat information,” the Department of Homeland Security said in a statement on Thursday.

“We have taken, and will continue to take all steps necessary to mitigate any threats that arise,” the department added in a statement.

Law enforcement sources said a manhunt was under way for two or three suspects, the Reuters news agency reported. Source

Credible Threat? What does that mean?

Anyone can say that about anything! Earthquakes? Credible. Nuclear war? Credible. That our government is run by idiotic despots?….VERY credible….

Can anyone can say anything about anything and it gets reported as credible?

No. The catch is that’s really only the case, when it’s about terrorism.

Getting the picture?

And Now the latest: Whoever it is, THEY’RE AMERICANS!

2 terror suspects may be U.S. citizens

WASHINGTON (AP) — Al Qaeda may have sent American terrorists or men carrying U.S. travel documents to launch an attack on Washington or New York to coincide with memorials marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11, government officials say.

One U.S. official says al Qaeda dispatched three men, at least two of whom could be U.S. citizens, to detonate a car bomb in one of the cities. Should that mission prove impossible, the attackers have been told to simply cause as much destruction as they can.source

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Yup–that’s DHS boss “Big Sis” Napoleon-ita…I mean Napolitano, ready to take aim at YOU…nice responsible looking lady, wouldn’t you say? Seasoned in leadership, serious about her responsibilties, a woman of character….right.

That, My Friends, Will Be The New Mantra – Guaranteed

Whoever “they” are going to be broad-brushed as, they’re “one of us”. Just as the deliberately middle class white skinned “Christian” massacred so many innocents in Oslo, whatever transpires next will likely be pinned on, involve or implicate someone representing middle class America, the protest and alternative community, or the internet “threat”.

Freedom doesn’t seem to go well with Orwellian authoritarianism, does it.

And why all this? Because the citizens of the United States are the real enemy and we must be controlled. Period. It’ll happen sooner or later if all goes according to their plan.

The Empowering Epilogue

But sharing information and truth and love DOES make a difference, even one hungry soul at a time. Don’t let all this big brother idiocy get you down, but do be aware of what they’re up to.

And please, make an effort to connect with and talk to others. You’ll be surprised and encouraged how many have caught on and are trapped in their personal predicament and will welcome a kindred spirit into their lives.

Stay vigilant. Keep communicating.

Love, Zen

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