Demo: Qigong, chi, healing, and meditation

Was directed this astonishing video from an Ingrid Naiman tip.

(Aside: I’m reminded of a hilarious quote from an brilliantly acted and directed movie that I watched yesterday, “Casino Jack,” with Kevin Spacey as Jack Abramoff, the congressional lobbyist so visibly and loudly flamboyant that he had to be made a scapegoat for all the rest of them. Jack’s partner-in-crime, during one lurid moment of discovery, demands: “Stop messin’ with my chi, man!” I’m going to remember that one.)

The master not only heals, he sets paper on fire and stops bullets — all with directed chi in the first half of this nine minute video. How? He meditates daily. Still loading the second half . . . need to go outside now for some garden chi . . .

And then back here for daily yoga, chi kung, tai chi meditation . . . Yes, we can. With daily practice we can dissolve the illusion of separateness to harness the love that fuels the universe.

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