Where are we with predicted September "false flag alien invasion scenario" now?

On May 29, 2011, I mentioned the possibility of a false alien invasion scenario on 9/9/11, courtesy of Paris Tosen. On August 15, I posted an update (and apparent uptick) to this possible scenario. He predicted 9/9/11 as the “invasion” date. That’s in two days . . . Where are we now?

Here’s another video, not sure when it was made, in which Paris tells us that whatever they do, it will be complex, not just a simple scene where a ufo grabs two kids and takes off in broad daylight. The main point, he says, is not to underestimate the talent, skills, and abilities of the dark forces that have made these plans. Weather, earthquakes, power outages, lots of weirdnesses could be included. It won’t just be a single event.

Who knows, maybe they tried (and, in part, failed) with Hurricane Irene? The predicted path of the storm, right up the eastern seashore megalopolis, did seem rather uncanny. But that was the final week of August. Maybe it was a dress rehearsal? Or maybe they’ve run plumb out of energy. At any rate, let us stay centered, breathe deeply, love one another, and dream the new world into being.

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