David Icke on Time and Space as a thick sea of conditioning

Back in graduate school, I told my teacher that I wanted to study space and time. “Space and time?” he admonished. “Too difficult. Pick something small, manageable.” I realize now that even then I was trying to break free from the space/time limitations imposed by cultural conditioning.

When I finished my dissertation, and was trying to get a “second reader” I was told by one professor who turned me down that my manuscript wasn’t philosophy, it was psychiatric. “But isn’t it obvious,” I responded, “that the two are connected?” Space and time set up the framework for thinking, as Kant knew, and found himself imprisoned within, unable to get out and condemned to not ever knowing what was really real. Worse, he said we’re all imprisoned that way, all solipsists; but, he added, luckily, the framework that we’re all thinking within is the same, so at least nobody’s excluded and we can communicate.

Now I recognize space/time as an energetic field in which the Earth turns. At this point, time/space is a thick soup of negative conditioning which, unfortunately, is so poisoned and opaque that very few of us can pierce through it to the vastness.

David Icke, more than anyone else, seems to have the bird’s eye view of those down here who are struggling, suffering, striving to break free, and he shows us the way. Some (largely inexact) notes from this typically wonderful video:

“How the few control the many: If you can suppress what people perceive as possible, then they’re living in a box. So anyone living in a larger reality is immediately dismissed as crazy.

“Everything is alive. The planet is a living, thinking, emotional entity in an infinite consciousness that expresses itself in different ways through different forms. The Illuminati are trying to bring the Earth’s state of consciousness as low as it can, because we are living in that energy field. If you affect the sea, you affect what’s living in the sea. So through the educational and media systems, they hold humanity in a vibrational prison, and make it much more difficult for people to be “in this world and not of it.” They disconnect people from infinite consciousness, and then program this lower frequency with whatever they want. Those who maintain the connection to the infinite are called crazy by those who are imprisoned in the lower consciousness.”

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