Sick today . . .

Wow, and just as I was gearing up to scour the web for interesting perspectives on 9/11 in honor of 10th anniversary. Could it be that my body needs a rest from spirit’s one-pointed drive to center myself deeply within the bloody 3-D muck while accessing higher and finer dimensions both within and without and, above all, remaining both in equanimity and available to help, when asked?

Whew. It is a lot to ask of myself. But then, what else is worth doing? Why, otherwise, am I still here? I see no point in remaining in this body unless my particular skills, experiences and evolving perspective are still needed.

Back to bed.



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5 Responses to Sick today . . .

  1. Pamela says:

    Bless you, Ann. The intensity of the research and sharing you do can take its toll in this physical realm. Perhaps it is time to re-group, to relax, to let it all go, just for a little spot of time. The responsibility for change lies in you as it equally lies in the rest of us. Words I need to hear as I speak them. Keep up the god work and do what you can do within the moment. For now, your job is to rest.

  2. claudia kimball says:

    It scares me to read this post where you whip yourself up up up and and say it is spirit
    as opposed to your spirit and then threaten to leave if you are not needed.
    There are many of us who need your spirit, not as a whip but as the most alive and
    concerned and true friend which translates into an ally for humanity and our relationship
    to our earth.

  3. Mike V. says:

    Yes, Ann, sometimes we all need an ice cold beer and a recliner.
    Be at peace,
    Mike V.

  4. Yana Murphy says:

    Stay well, Ann. We don’t want you to over-extend yourself. You’re doing a wonderful job with this blog!
    Yana Murphy

  5. Rhonda says:

    Sometimes we just need to push the pause button and be accepting of that.

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