FYI 9/11: propaganda and reality, which is which, and why it matters

In the run-up to the tenth anniversary of 9/11, which do you find yourself gravitating towards: the official White House Observance Guidelines, or those who question anything and everything that happened that day and why.

If the latter, check out this huge compendium of views from many different perspectives: engineers and architects, 9/11 survivors and family members, military, pilots and aviation professionals, professors, and others:

Back in 1973, during the oral defense of my doctoral dissertation in philosophy, a question was asked, the basis of which which seems obvious now, but not then. Back then, whether or not something was “true” or “false” still seemed mostly black and white, with clear criteria for telling the difference. Here’s the question. (And my response which, by the way, so dumbfounded the committee that it closed down the scheduled two-hour session after only 20 minutes.)

“Well then, Ms. Kreilkamp, since you think there’s a fine line between fiction and fact, give us an example.”

“Just yesterday,” I replied, “my five year old son asked me, “Mommy, which is more real, my dreams or yesterday?”

Yes, which is more real of two phenomena that that from the perspective of today seem equally imaginary?

Likewise, what is fiction and what fact, regarding 9/11? I’m beginning to think that everything is real, everything that we imagine about everything real, at least at the level of our imagining. Some of these imaginings get “re-alized,” i.e., made into things, materialized.

The entire 9/11 ordeal and its aftermath feels like yesterday’s nightmarish dream which, hopefully, through our vigilance and increasing awareness of what appears to be a phantasmagoric and labyrinthian complexity of dark deeds in high places, we can prevent from being re-alized in even larger ways in the days and years ahead.

Either way, it seems to me, we are headed into oneness. Once Neptune leaves this last quick sojourn through Aquarius and heads back into its home sign of Pisces, to remain there from February 2012 through March of 2025, the human race is destined for communion of some kind. Will this be the communion of connectedness, empathy, telepathy, an open heart? Or will it be the oneness of “mutual assured destruction,” that officially MAD doctrine that held the Soviet Union and the U.S. in its spell during the so-called “Cold War,” and that then secretly ramped into feverish intensity once the U.S. military/industrial complex took over as the single, dominant global hyperpower.

What’s more real? What will our imagined comprehension of yesterday’s dream propel us to re-alize, yes; what will yesterday’s dreams propel into full on material re-alization tomorrow?

It’s up to us. We decide. As we imagine it, so shall the future come to pass.

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