George Carlin on alien interviention (again)

I love this little video, not just because he speaks of alien intervention (again) as the best thing that could happen to us, but Carlin is one of the few who stress what I also think is a very important distinction, that between “cynicism” and “skepticism.”

Regarding his punch line about aliens, I have a feeling that Carlin was telling his truth, not just joking, and the unblinking, stony stare of the audience in response speaks volumes regarding the difference in consciousness between him and them. I love that he didn’t vary his tone one bit while introducing the idea of alien intervention; did not succumb to what I sometimes do, an uncontrollable internal flinch in advance of speaking about this possibility; for I know that most likely the person I am talking to — no matter how seemingly openminded! — will think me deluded or crazy.

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  1. Paul Crawford says:

    Yes, those unblinking stony faces are mystifying. As a presenter myself, of ET matters, even in public venues, I’ve looked into such faces hundreds of times, thousands of times. What contemplations churn within those minds, I wonder, about life, about the workings of things, about the unknown-but-highly-speculative? I wonder if indeed I’m talking to aliens at that very moment.

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