Filer's Weekly Files: this week's sightings and Gary McKinnon special report

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This week, for example, he says, and shows, “Unidentified Aerial Phenomena sightings over Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. Sightings of UFOs were also reported in Brazil, Canada, China, Northern Ireland and England in the United Kingdom.”

He also features special reports each week; here’s one, among others, that caught my eye. For background to McKinnon, see this post.

Hacker Uncovered US Off-Planet Space Navy

Gary McKinnon, the English hacker facing 70 years in U.S. prison for searching Pentagon sites for UFO evidence, says the weirdest thing he found was a list of “Non-Terrestrial Officers” and fleet transfers between ships that don’t exist in the U.S. Navy. –

In the House of Commons debates July 13, 2011 David Burrowes (Enfield, Conservative) asks, “Can I raise with the Prime Minister a different case of hacking–the computer hacker Gary McKinnon? While I recognize that the Home Secretary has a legal process to follow, does the Prime Minister share the concern for my constituent’s nine-year nightmare? He feels that his life is literally hanging by a thread that is waiting to be cut by extradition.

Prime Minister David Cameron replies, “I do recognize the seriousness of this case, and the Deputy Prime Minister and I actually raised it with President Obama when he visited. I think the point is that it is not so much about the alleged offence, which everyone knows is a very serious offense, and we can understand why the Americans feel so strongly about it. The case is now in front of my right hon. Friend the Home Secretary, who has to consider reports about Gary McKinnon’s health and well-being. It is right that she does that in a proper and effectively–I am sorry to use the word again today–quasi-judicial way.

Note – If Mr. McKinnon’s data is correct, it validates the assumption the US Navy may well be operating off-planet via back-engineered ET technology. His data indicates the Navy and probably the Air Force operate a fleet of space craft and officers to either man them or otherwise control them. Gary McKinnon states, “I found a list of fleet-to-fleet transfers, and a list of ship names. I looked them up. They weren’t U.S. Navy ships. What I saw made me believe they have some kind of spaceship, off-planet The US Navy Clementine mission project mapped the entire Moon.

In his interview with the BBC, Gary claimed, “The Disclosure Project” had some very credible people all saying there is UFO technology, there’s anti-gravity, there’s free energy, and it’s extraterrestrial in origin and they’ve captured spacecraft and reverse engineered it.” He said, he investigated a NASA photographic expert’s claim that at the Johnson Space Center’s Building 8, images were regularly cleaned of evidence of UFO craft, and confirmed this, comparing the raw originals with the “processed” images.

He claimed to have viewed a detailed image of “something not man-made and cigar shaped floating above the northern hemisphere. McKinnon stated the image was approximately 256 megabytes in size, yet that the craft’s details were still distinct in 4-bit color and low resolution on his mere 56k modem connection

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