More from Dutch Sinse: Recent North American earthquakes follow the Craton crust?

Update, 3:09 p.m.: I am now seeing reports that nearby fracking could have been responsible for yesterday’s rare quake in Virginia. See, for example, this.

See yesterday’s post. Today Dutch has a post on the “Craton,” and notes how recent earthquakes follow especially its southern edge —something, as I recall, that he predicted earlier.

For more:

Earth shaking her booty. Is this earthquake uptick entirely natural? Or is there HAARP involvement. Is this part of a larger “narrative,” as Gordon Duff of Veterans Today would put it?

Either way, it’s happening, as an exquisitely apt outpicturing of the internal quaking in our collective mindset as bankster and other monumental corporatized institutional practices come to light as one humongous, interconnected global ponzi scheme that benefits the very few at the suffering and expense of all the many.

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