Two Week Tar Sands Action in D.C. heads into 4th day of arrests.

[If you’re new to this action, see this post.]

Here’s a video from the first day. Notice the change from ’60s protests: those being arrested are no longer “just hippies,” easily dismissed by the MSM. No, now it’s we the people, a growing movement in the U.S. from several generations and all walks of life, who are choosing the planned Keystone XL tar sands pipeline travesty as their line in the sand. One young woman, on choosing to risk arrest: “Oh my gosh, I’m scared out of my mind. . . . It’s not in the realm of my typical conception of what’s going to be happening on the next day of my life.”

Organizer Bill McKibben: “We have to find a new kind of currency to work in. And our currency today, and for the next two weeks, is our bodies, our creativity, and our spirit.”

Here’s a video from yesterday, the third day, showing arrests of those from Nebraska and thanks from witnesses.

Here’s a photo of the 52 who agreed to get arrested on the third day.

Today, Tuesday, August 23, Day Four, will feature Montana folks who have agreed to get arrested..


WASHINGTON, DC — Montana residents and Hollywood stars will be featured at Day 4 of the Tar Sands Action at the White House. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline, which 162 Americans have been arrested protesting this week, would run through Montana and six other states.

Among those planning on being arrested today are film-star Margot Kidder, who played Lois Lane in four Superman movies, and actress Tantoo Cardinal, an iconic Cree actress who appeared in Dances with Wolves, Legends of the Fall, Smoke Signals and more. Cardinal, who was born in Ft. McMurray, Alberta, the capitol of the tar sands, was made a Member of the Order of Canada in 2009.

Cardinal will risk arrest to stop the destruction of her homeland and push President Obama to help shut down the tar sands by denying a permit for the Keystone XL.

Who: Margot Kidder, Tantoo cardinal, David Turnbull (environmental leader) and hundreds of others.

What: Day 4 of the Tar Sands Action, a sit-in at the White House. Sit-ins with approximately 50 people will continue every morning until September 3. A calendar of featured spokespeople and delegations from across the country is listed at

Here’s organizer Bill McKibben’s statement that he made upon being released from jail. “This is what happens when people realize the stakes.” When asked, “Is this what love looks like?” he replied, with a big happy smile, “I guess it must be.”




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