Dick Cheney's 9/11? Take a look at motive, opportunity, and evidence

I intuitively “knew,” as soon as the first plane appeared to hit the first tower (did it really? Or was that some kind of massive sky hologram. . .), that 9/11 was an “inside job.” And I instinctively fingered Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and their puppet George W. Bush, as the instigators. Here’s a video that lays out a case for Cheney’s role and motive. Of course, it’s about greed, and oil, and secrecy, and military control and domination of the whole world. What else is new?

Well, lots, only we won’t find it “at the top,” where supposedly, decisions are made and handed down to further deprive and destroy all who do not belong to a tiny, selfish, terrified club.

Rather, in all the tiny, unnoticed corners of this globe, the fierce, bright light of the soul is once again glowing through our eyes. Humans are waking up, getting together, helping one another, sharing, growing our own food, letting go of consumptive habits, unplugging from the systems that have so assiduously programmed us into believing that they, and not we, the people, have dominion over our own lives.

We are human beings, homo sapiens: “man, the wise.” In our innate wisdom we recognize that all hearts beat as one, and spill over into gladness and generosity. Joyfully, we give care and fair share to one other; with utmost reverence and respect we honor our responsibility as stewards to help heal our dear, beautiful, suffering Mother and all creatures who call Earth home.

Thanks to zengardner and beforeitsnews.com.

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