Alien invasion show on Discovery channel

Apparently, the Discovery channel programmed a “Curiosity” show that aired Sunday night, August 14, featuring a hostile alien invasion.

Was this the context for Michio Kaku’s focus on warlike aliens in the post published yesterday? Was he directed to only focus in that manner? In any case, chalk this Discovery piece up as more (mind-control) programming for false flag alien invasion.

Here’s a decidedly revealing excerpt from a Q &A on the show in Go there for the rest of it.

There was one thing that bothered me about the aliens. It would seem that any civilization that could survive long enough to obtain that level of technology would also have to survive itself by being peaceful (isn’t this part of the Drake equation?). Did you consider this aspect of the alien invasion?

Our experts didn’t take it as a given that a civilization that survived for a long time would be peaceful. Obviously, some of the most successful species on earth are quite aggressive — ants for example. Also, peaceful aliens don’t allow you to blow things up on screen.

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  1. fireball says:

    The Discovery “Alien Invasion” show seemed to have a perspective that included a misguided idea that an Alien, must have the same agenda as a human would in the circumstance of exploring the universe. I think we should not have any presumptions about who, what, when, or why we would be visited. The natural world to us, and our laws of physics/math etc, govern our intellectual ability to predict or stereotype all characteristics of an alien species. This may be incorrect. Of Course the Phd’s will tell you that because we experience something on this grain of sand…it must be a universally experienced by all the cosmos.
    My prediction is that if we are visited from an “alien” species the first agenda item will be to tell us that we know “Jack Squat” about the universe, and that we need to take our self induced blinders off of our intellect. This might put a lot of “Papered Pudits” out of work, or at least lead to them getting jobs flipping hamburgers.
    Over the years I have come to be very concerned about the arrogance of the Academia in matters such as this.

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