Imperial U.S. as a nation of four-year-olds

Island youth camp off Norway where shootings occurred

That this heartrending article by an 80-year-old elder should appear on the same day as the massacre of beautiful young children on an island off Norway is an exquisite synchronicity. Usually, it’s not privileged western “white” children who die in corporate state-sponsored terrorism, but “the others,” with no privilege and little to live for except a collective reversal of fortune. Thanks to SueM and

Blowing Children Into Body Parts

By Jay Janson

22 July, 2011

This article is about the author’s two sons, who weren’t blown to pieces as toddlers, whose dad never had the experience of seeing his firstborn’s young philosopher’s eyes staring up to the sky fixed in a lifeless stare as if astounded that parts of his arms and legs were gone. Never had to pick up the entrails of my second born, unable to find his head, which we always remembered for having had the heartbreaking smile of a three year old.

The article is also about President Barack Obama’s two daughters which Obama never had to bury with closed casket for their remains being incomplete and unrecognizable.

It’s also about David Petraeus’ six grandchildren, who are all alive and will probably never be blown into bits and pieces by missiles guided by some low ranking officer sitting in front of a screen of coordinates somewhere in the Mid-West.

Its about CIA Head Leon Panetta’s two grown children, who have enjoyed waking to the morning sun tens of thousands of times, got to finish school and university and make love and have fun in contradistinction to thousands of children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Pakistan and Libya whose destiny was never to reach adulthood and be the pride of their parents, but instead, to be collaterally murdered as part of a homicidal U.S. foreign policy of world investment conquest.


Seems almost every single day, Associated Press and Reuters press releases report children blown to pieces by missiles or bunker buster bombs from manned or unmanned U.S. war planes. Only if the toll of dead children is ghastly high does it make it into the New York Times, and even more rarely heard on Network news (unless General Petraeus or Commander-in-Chief Obama is apologizing).

For us readers of news on the Internet, one day it’s some Libyan kids reduced to ashes by the Obama-NATO forces, the next day, maybe it be pieces of Yemeni and Somali babies and youngsters that need collecting for some semblance of burial of what were earlier in the same day entirely physically intact beloved marvelous miniature human beings, each one with a one-of-a-kind DNA in the whole universe.

Weekly, if not every few days, dirt poor people in the streets in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan are risking their lives to wail and scream demonstrating against US-NATO air strikes blowing away their children (not that TV audience plebs in America very often hear about it).

The Quisling president of Afghanistan has been denouncing the killing of his people from the air every month or so for years, making a show of pleading the U.S. Armed forces to stop.

The Afghan legislature, already some three years ago, made stopping the bombing the first of three demands that included the withdrawal of foreign forces and negotiations for peace with their former, and still in great measure current, Taliban government. US network media and newspapers did not even bother to report this. After all, who are these tribal country folk to be telling the world ruling government of America what it should do or not do?

An AP news release announced that Pakistani senators were suing the President of the United States of America in court for bombing and killing men, women and children in Pakistan illegally. One never heard further about how this turned out.

On the other hand, the deaths of American soldiers in these ‘wars backing unjust predatory investments’ (as Martin Luther King described them) are reported down to the last fallen hero on the TV screens of the militarized and Pentagon fed CNN-ABC-NBC-CBS-FOX-NPR cartel with color photographs of what they looked like alive in dress uniform.


It is said that at age five, members of the human species acquire the intelligence to be able to imagine what other people might be experiencing. That would put the mean age of the American public, and its elected, appointed and businessmen beholden politicians, at about four. At four the small child still is still exclusively ‘I, me, mine,’ with everyone else only there to give it what it wants. The pre-five year old still has the naturally selfish mind of an infant instinctive to it’s survival.

A sterile minded looking Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, who, as his successor Panetta, also has two offspring who never yet had missiles aimed at them during their long and healthy lives, has had to protect himself from putting himself in the shoes of the parents whose children American drones are dismembering – protect himself from becoming a so called ‘bleeding heart’ by maintaining that four year old mind set that shuts out all thought of what other parents like himself might have to experience for his orders to fire missiles regardless that children will be killed for sure, if not every time, then often.

Lastly, or perhaps better said firstly, this article is about David Rockefeller’s children David Jr., Abby, Neva, Peggy, Richard and Eileen and his grandchildren
Ariana, Camilla, David, Miranda, Michael, Clay, Rebecca, Christopher, Danny and Adam who have lived and prospered while Daddy’s hatchet men, the Dullas brothers, Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Bzrezinski arranged and oversaw all the millions of children’s lives taken in the carnage of U.S. wars and covert CIA attacks on mankind in the former militarily occupied nonwhite world since the end of World War Two.

Again, it is the mind of an infant, which can enjoy ‘my children and grandchildren,’
while thinking that what belongs to the parents of other children is also ‘mine’ by the law of accumulation of capital which forms the basis of the economic ‘system’ of Rockefeller’s world.

Developing the human sensitivity of a five year old would throw a monkey-wrench into an extraordinarily fine tuned human calculating machine set strictly to operate on profit margins.

David inherited his limited four year old ‘I, me, mine’ murderous mind. The Rockefeller family history is one of investing in dead children wars even before World War One, then of going into business with Hitler, investing in building the Nazi war machine and making mega-fortunes during a 50-millions-butchered-war (17 million children) made inevitable by John Rockefeller and his lead associates and co-investors in Hitler like Ford, Dupont, Prescott Bush, Joe Kennedy and almost every major business entity in the U.S.

The need of war ordering politicians to deny consideration for the children of others merely reflect calculations within the amoral (not immoral) ‘It’s-just-business’ world.
(There is a photo of David Rockefeller with his arm around the shoulders of a young Barack Obama.)

Bzrezinski’s feeling for his kids and Carter’s love for his Jack, Chip, Jeff and Amy Lynn was not permitted to inhibit or interfere with their having the CIA covertly lead an attack against a popular women liberating socialist government in Kabul by arming, training and funding wild acid throwing, teachers-of-girls-executing, fundamentalists of the mostly non-Pashtun war-lord-led hill tribes to frighten (as Bzrezinski confessed in ‘89) the Soviet Union into making the mistake of coming to the military aid of that Kabul government under attack by CIA, Saudi and Pakistani secret service led Islamic terrorists. No one’s fault Afghani children had to die and keep dying.

Carter is able to keep from putting himself in the shoes of the religion-and-patria motivated Taliban, which was born to save the nation from the U.S.-backed feuding war lords who were bringing destruction, rape, thievery, chaos and the morals corrupting huge poppy cultivation fostered by CIA to hold down its operating costs.

By keeping silent about the holocaust he and Bzrezinski bought down upon an innocent and friendly Afghan population twelve years ago, dad Jimmy Carter goes right on helping corporate media slander the Taliban (just as they did the Vietcong independence fighters earlier). As the children of Taliban, still the functioning government in most of the country, are orphaned by the tens of thousands and wiped out from the air by the hundreds, Jimmy Carter plays out his Peace Prize role everywhere but in Afghanistan where he holds responsibility – a responsibility a four year old also is unable to feel.

But all the U.S. presidents, from Truman on, who signed on to the dozens of wars maintaining Rockefeller led ‘unjust overseas predatory investments’ (MLKjr’s phrase), had children they could appreciate as most precious. All the war promoting media personnel had children. American soldiers had either children or young brothers and sisters. How many of these war involved people, including taxpayers, permit themselves to wonder how those children being blow apart must have had equally cherished names as Holly, Christopher, Chip and Abby?

So we’re back to that fundamental notion of a whole nation acting as one selfish “Clockwork Orange’ demonic baby. (Is it really so odd that a U.S. investments targeted nation so deadly tortured and mutilated by U.S. covert and proxy war since 1953, and even now threatened with nuclear attack, should coin the moniker ‘Great Satan.’ for the latest imperial nation.

The same self-centered grasping of an adorable infant that we find so cute, when that of grown men, investors who rule American society and most of mankind, becomes something terrifying.

Jay Janson, 80, is an archival research peoples historian activist, musician and writer, who has lived and worked on all the continents and whose articles on media have been published in China, Italy, England, India and the US, and now resides in New York City. Howard Zinn lent his name to various projects of his. GlobalReserch, InformationClearingHouse, CounterCurrents, DissidentVoice, HistoryNewsNetwork, are among those who have republished his articles.





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