Alberto Villoldo: on repairing the brain

This video could have been titled, “On shedding the Bible. . .”
Here’s my notes from near the 5 minute point on . . .

We are the only mythology to be kicked out of the garden. We say to women, “cursed is the earth because of you.” And to the man, we say, “and your mother will not look after you, she will grow thistles . . .”

The western story of creation is about the division of space, and the ownership of space, of land. The first five books of the bible are about who owns the land. In the shamanic tradition, you don’t own the land, you are the steward of the land. The shamanic stories are not about the division of space but about the division of time. That’s why there are so many calendars in South America. They were obsessed with the marking of time, because the story of creation had to do with the ownership of time.

For us, we own the land, but we don’t have time.

So for us the healing will be the shedding of those core stories that have exhausted themselves. We have to find our way back to the garden.

Repairing the brain. Clearing our [Biblical] stories from the blueprint that organizes the body, at the level of our luminous energy field. Until we clear the brain, we are not able to establish the higher order neural networks.

Once you clear the brain, you realize that all beliefs are limiting. So you begin to establish a hypothetical relationship with the world.

December 2012 is happening right now, today. 2012 is today.

How do you establish a dialogue with the divine matrix, so that the cosmos talks back to you?

We came here to dream the world into being.

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