Let's start "Farmin' in the Hood" — right now!

Look around you! Who’s there? Meet your neighbors. Get together. Put your green lawns to work. Yoke hearts and brains together and focus like these folks did, to re-create the world.

The Urban Farming Guys is one of the most inspirational and educational websites I’ve ever come across. Forget what’s crashing down all around us. Be a part of the beauty that’s arising from the muck! These families decided to leave comfortable suburbia for a blighted wasteland inside Kansas city where they put their energy, drive, and creativity to work creating self-sustaining food and energy systems that feed each other, and by extension, the world. Yes, we can.

As Van Jones said, we never said “he can,” (referring to Obama, who seems to be, and perhaps inescapably, given his “role,” wallowing in the muck and unaware of the arising beauty), we said WE CAN. Here’s their intro video. There are lots more on their site. Thanks to nextworldtv.com.




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2 Responses to Let's start "Farmin' in the Hood" — right now!

  1. Donna says:

    It looks like these guys have made the whole farmed-fish-and-veggies-together thing work better than others I have seen. The two drawbacks to this situation are that first it is a cruel and unnatural life for the fish, and second, the tilapia produced this way do not taste at all good. I suppose if you are starving it doesn’t matter how they taste, but in my PDC we toured one such facility and a professional chef prepared some of the fish for our dinner. No one in my class liked the fish (some couldn’t even force themselves to eat it,) and we had other meals made by the same chef which were awesome, so she wasn’t the problem! If the same principles could be applied in a more compassionate manner toward the critters who give their lives to fill our bellies it might make this type of thing worth doing. A more natural environment for the fish might make them taste better too. On the plus side, the knowledge gained from these experiments is invaluable and can be utilized and expanded upon in other ventures!

  2. Thanks for this info, Donna, especially on caring for the tilapia so that their bodies will care for ours! Which reminds me: this afternoon, for the first time ever, a baby badger graced the windowsill of my front picture window. Astonishing.

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