Gopi Krishna: on the experience of kundalini rising

Gopi Krishna (1903-1984. In 1967 he published his first major book in India, Kundalini--The Evolutionary Energy in Man (currently available under the title Living With Kundalini)

Imagine everyone on Earth receiving the gift of sponaneously activating his or her innate evolutionary kundalini rocket fuel, at least once. And furthermore, imagine that nobody dies of fright from the experience or goes into denial; instead, each person remembers that extraordinary“out of this world” opening as a talisman, a sacred signature of what’s possible when we let go of who we “think” we are.

What would happen next?

From the video, below:

“I was meditating early in the morning, when I found something giving away in my brain . . . as if a new aperture had opened. And I felt an energy rising up my spinal cord. At first I was terrified. . . ultimately I managed to keep my attention at the crown of my head while the energy rose upward and upward through the spinal cord to the neck and then into the brain. And then I suddenly found that a stream of silvery light was opened into my brain. There was a sound. . . like thunder, or like a waterfall in my ears. And the noise grew louder and louder and louder. At the same time I began to expand. I cannot describe exactly what I mean, but it seemed as if my. . . my consciousness was now gaining a wider and wider space. And I was leaving my body behind, and projecting myself, spreading myself all around in the universe. The body grew dimmer and dimmer and dimmer . . . I could hardly hear any noises coming from the street, I mean totally engrossed in the vision unfolding before me, of a silvery lustre, alive, living, vibrant with life; conscious, but spread all around me. The small self that was “I” seemed to become like a point of awareness watching this great personality that had now developed. This great intelligence which seemed to encompass the whole universe like a small car floating in an ocean, aware of the whole surface of the ocean itself. I felt as if I was a small point of awareness floating in a ocean of consciousness. Aware of it in every point of the compass. I felt myself expanding and expanding. And this expansion was also engendered by a happiness which is not possible to describe, jubilation, elation which I had never experienced before in my life. It was an incredible spectacle. And I was completely baffled as to what had happened to me. . . But I continued to sit and to contemplate this region with all the power of my attention. . . My whole attention was attracted, as an iron filing to a magnet. Finally, the circle of light . . . began to contract, and I who had now expanded, immensely, began to feel myself contracting, until all of a sudden I found myself in my body . . .and became aware of the flesh, and the sounds in the street, and the light was now pouring into the room.”


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