Ron Paul: "Freedom is a young idea, and we're throwing it away"

Canada has its wise elder in Paul Hellyer. We have ours in Ron Paul.

From this new video: “I want to bring all the troops home . . . I don’t like the Patriot Act. . . I concentrate on the Federal Reserve and monetary policy. . . the way so often government works, they try to frighten the people . . . the debt is too big, you can’t solve the problem of debt by raising the debt limit . . . maybe I don’t have as much influence in direct legislation, but the people, I’m closer to the people, because they’re scared. I would start with military operations overseas. . .

“There’s two groups: one won’t cut a nickel in the military, the other won’t cut a nickle in the entitlements. That’s why we’re in this situation.

“It’s corporatism that is so bad, whether it’s medicine, or education, or the military/industrial complex. That’s huge, compared to food stamps. If a company gets into trouble, that company goes bankrupt. Instead of bailing them out, they should have gone bankrupt.

“There’s no need for the federal reserve.

“The footprint of the U.S. shouldn’t be military, but trade and friendship. Just think of the chaos in Pakistan. We bomb them, and then give them money, and the people hate their own government because it’s an arm of the U.S. government.”

In response to a question of his age being a factor in his presidential campaign: “Freedom is a young idea. It’s only been tested for a couple of hundred years. And we’re throwing it away. It’s the young people who endorse my campaign.”


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