Are crop circles a series of messages? Do they tell a story that we need to listen to?

I’m finding myself changing again — this time from skepticism to some sort of loosely held “belief.” In a recent post on crop circles, I stated the following:

I’m in awe of the capacity of the human imagination to invent/discover specific codes in crop circles. While the codes may be there in reality, it may also be that these crop circles are gifted to us primarily to fertilize our imaginations! See earlier post.
I do sense that ETs are creating at least the best — most beautiful and complex — crop circles. Their creativity, in turn, inspires trickster humans to create more and more interesting crop circles themselves that, when unmasked, we dismiss as “hoaxes.”
But what if the main purpose of crop circles is to teach us to dream, to vision, to rip through the thin veils that separate us from communion with the cosmos?

I must admit: I cannot get enough of crop circles. I am hungry for them. I have no idea what they are saying, though their beauty and elegance always leave me in awe.

Here’s a video that perports to show crop circles as a series of messages about the relationship among ourselves, our planet, the solar system and galactic center, and the current final lead up to the end of a vast cycle on December 21, 2012.

I question the claim that winter solstice 2012 is when the plane of the earth, the sun and the galactic center all line up, since they do it every year, did it most precisely in 1998, and are now drifting out of alignment. In other words, I question the “science” behind this video. However, I cannot shake its general idea that the sequence of crop circles are telling some kind of story, an attempt to convey some kind of very important message. And it’s not so much this video, though it does offer a sort of general corroboration. No, what got my attention was an article “What Needs to be Done,” with crop circle photos and charts and so on, by Pane Andov on his website. Andov acts as if he knows exactly what the crop circle narrative is telling us, and in fact, he seems to base much of what he says about the near future on what he says they are saying.

What first got my attention re: Andov, was his ebook, “Extraordinary Powers in Humans” which, when I downloaded it a week ago was free; now I notice that he charges $9. Well worth it! Pane, a Macedonian whose bio includes astral travel since he was a small child as well as multispecies ET contacts, seems to be the real deal, and his ebook is a kind of manual for activating, through long-term dedication to specific practices, our innate capacity for out-of-body traveling and associated powers. The translation is sometimes awkward, but no matter: I printed out the entire manuscript, and am devouring it, already halfway through its 300 plus pages, and enthralled by the stories of his travels in the many levels of the astral dimension. It reads like science fiction, which is amazing to me, since I never could read science fiction. Now I can! But maybe science fiction has always been a thinly disguised panorama of realities most of us aren’t usually ready to absorb.

Pane has a two hour video of a lecture he gave in Australia on what he thinks is coming down the pike in the near future. I watched an hour of it, but was very glad to find the essay that he wrote on the same topic instead. I have read it through once, but not studied it yet. I plan to.

In any case. what’s intriguing is his claim that something big is headed towards our sun from the galactic center, that it will affect the entire solar system and arrive in full force on or about Winter Solstice 2012; that it will change everything, including human DNA; that crop circles are both a means of communicating what is coming and of signalling how we can prepare to modulate its effect by harmonizing our frequency through collective global meditation.

The Pane message seems to dovetail with David Wilcock‘s message — that it’s not just Earth that’s warming, but the entire solar system; that the galactic center has let loose of something humongous that is on its way towards our sun and solar system, including earth; that this will evolve our DNA and change everything, irrevocably.

The difference between Pane Andov’s message and Wilcock’s — as well as many others who see 2012 as the beginning of the golden age, is that Andov implores us to realize that the gigantic pulse of cosmic energy that is to envelop Earth will essentially cause floods of boiling water and basically destroy current life on earth’s surface (ah, so that’s what the underground bases are for!!!??) . . . unless we build a protective shield through a certain type of collective meditation, what he calls the Flower of Life, starting NOW, or at least by the day before December 23 (two days past the solstice) 2012, when he says the pulse will arrive. He says that we must continue this meditation through March, 2013; that those three months will be a liminal time when all that was no longer is and what is to come is not yet.

I question whether it’s exactly the Flower of Life meditation that will turn the key. That no other meditation will do. (Kind of like Catholics used to say that only Catholics will go to heaven.) However, it may be that, once again, he’s correct in the general message that we need to move into collective meditation, so that we may harmonize our frequency and that this harmonization will protect Earth from destruction. Certainly, many people are now realizing that collective meditation has real effects, even in so far as dramatically shifting levels of violence. Jean Hudon, who calls for a once weekly global meditation, is currently using specific crop circles as mandalas for his meditations.

In sum, many threads do seem to be weaving a kind of awesome multidimensional coherence that even I, who uses the phrase “New Age” ironically (and pronounce “age” with a soft rather than hard “A”) cannot help but pick up on.

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