Moyers/Maddow on Murdoch: always, a dark shadow hovers above corporate controlled media

Sitting there in corporate controlled MSNBC, Bill Moyers and Rachel Maddow skirt delicately around what Moyer calls the “dark shadow” that hovers above corporate controlled media, inviting subtle self-censorship in even the most intrepid and independent of reporters.

And Bill Moyers reminds us that it was the British newspaper, The Guardian — a rare, independent paper held since it began by a family trust — that had the balls to take on the biggest media mogul of all time. And that the timing of the scandal was exquisite: Murdoch was holding court at the annual Sun Valley gathering of media and tech mogols — an event where he is revered for his wealth and power and “anything goes” philosophy — when the story broke and dragged him to London.


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