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I post this because it shows what’s already here and ahead for those who look only at the vague abstraction of an atomized, generalized, anesthesized, entertained, and governed “public” (of which each of us is supposedly a miniscule part with no power).

Instead, more and more of us recognize that though we have been uprooted, all we need do is re-root ourselves exactly where we are. Think and act locally. Re-create local economics, food, security, neighborhood life, and so on. We are locavores. We let go of the accelerating destruction perpetrated upon us by those claiming or clawing to get to the “top” and focus instead on the rich, relaxing bottom-lands of resurgent community life.

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The Coming Insurrection – A Final Warning to Governments around the World


July 14, 2011

The world’s monetary systems are crashing and as a direct result economies all over the world are collapsing in tandem, at break neck speed with absolutely no sign or possibility of abating. We have reached the point of no return, that not even the most extreme plan of “fiscal responsibility” advanced by our so-called elected officials can reverse.

Our corrupted democracies will not save our monetary systems because politicians can compromise but the laws of gravity cannot. What goes up must eventually come down.

So too, the inviolable laws of humanity dictate that you can only push a man so far before he has no choice but to fight back. People all over the world are almost at that breaking point. Many have already reached it.

The clip below titled “The Coming Insurrection” is based on a book by the same name, whose authors were arrested in France in 2008 on charges of terrorism.

In light of the recent popular uprisings throughout the Middle East, its powerful message portends an era whose time has come.

To government leaders around the world – take heed.

Total collapse of the world’s current monetary systems is inevitable. Violent revolution is not.

Therefore, you have a choice:

(1) Stop the greed, oppression, and indifference to our suffering; (a) Pronounce our existing monetary systems dead; (b) Bury their rotting carcasses; and (c) do what is necessary to create in their wake sane monetary systems that have as their goal economic justice for all; OR

(2) Suffer the inevitable consequences.

A.K.: The comments area also interesting.

Obama appears to be making his best effort to tackle the onslaught of economic misery that’s befalling the vast majority of Americans.

In a meeting with Cantor today Obama “lit him up” and Cantor “stood in stunned silence” according to an official at the meeting. β€œIt was incredible. If the public saw Obama he would win in a landslide.”

My guess is that this debt ceiling issue will be a defining moment in Obama’s presidency.

Either he will get his way and things will heat up real fast for him, possibly culminating in his assassination, or he will cave in on some salient terms and muddle through the rest of his term humiliated and brow beaten.

qrswave | Thu, 2011-07-14 00:36

The Monetary systems are dead because of one thing: FIAT CURRENCIES. Central banks worldwide, run by Jews, mirroring the FED of the US have created unpayable debt deliberately. Knowing full well these nations and their currencies will eventually dissolve, they’ve planned and orchestrated the ‘global governance’ to take over upon the demise of these countries.

Connect the dots here! Andrew Jackson wisely shut down the Central Bank. It came back. Abraham Loncoln wanted to do the same – he was killed. James Grafield wanted to do the same – he was killed, John Kennedy – killed. ……Speaks volumes about the power and influence of the Rothschilds.

The coming collapse is no accident and don’t expect any miraculous change of heart on the part of the banksters. Remember the Robber Barons??? Well, this is redux – with a twist. Another depression, but this time world wide, resulting in a global government run by Jews who will enslave the goyim.

Ever wonder why the “we buy gold” stores became so widespread in only the last 5 years? They’re on every corner. The GOLDberg’s want all the gold before they pull the rug out.

No. 1 won’t happen. No.2…well, the only suffering will be the goyim.

And we won’t be ‘voting’ our way out of this one. There is really only one option and it’s not pretty. The US calls it a “police action” when they attack countries illegally and bomb civilian populations. Perhaps we should call a global “police action” when we take down the central banks and string up the banksters.

Amerikagulag | Thu, 2011-07-14 04:35

Amerikagulag, the reason why monetary systems are dead is not because they are fiat currencies, but because they are interest-bearing debt-based currencies. All “fiat” means is that they are imposed by government dictat. If an interest-free value-based currency were to be imposed by dictat, it would still be a “fiat” currency, but wouldn’t have the problems of the interest-bearking debt-based equivalents.

Sullivan | Thu, 2011-07-14 07:52

@QRSWave… Welcome back! Obama’s clash with Cantor certainly is intresting, but time will tell if it is just posturing. After all, he is very good at posturing. I’m not sure that this would be the defining moment of his presidence, even if he is not posturing. To me, the defining moments would remain his failure to live up to his promises on Guantanamo and his illegal war against Libya.

Sullivan | Thu, 2011-07-14 07:59
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