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Me and my shadow, winter 2010-2011

Despite my post of this morning, I guess I’m not quite done with the Emma aftermath Here, I connect three threads:

1. An act that I performed on Sunday, after my sister and brother-in-law left, four days after Emma died.

2. A message via email this morning from my dear friend Perry, in Italy for the past year.

3. An email I received on the second morning after the tragedy, from another “stranger,” (see last post), Kimberly Hughes, who lives in Tokyo.

These three threads, distilled, point to the single most powerful feeling that I have been undergoing during this entire postpartum week: gratitude.

The three threads:

On Sunday, I received a very strong message, that I must free the male rabbit, Alyce, NOW. Take him out of his wire cage. Let him roam on the ground for awhile. I was still exhausted, and not much in a mood to spend $60 on a portable brass fence, but I did as commanded, and stumbled over to Petco. I set up the fence to give Alyce a 40-foot long run. And did he! Immediately, after I carefully cradled his trembling fearful little bunny body in my arms, and deposited him on the earth, for the first time in at least a year, he started hopping the length of his run like he’d died and gone to heaven. As Emma was released, so she wanted me to free her friend, too. I couldn’t believe the rush of energy that single act gave me.

Here he is, back in his cage. He says that was enough for awhile!

Next, the email from Perry: she told me of a dream she had received last week, that made her worry about me, feeling something was wrong. The dream ate at her, but she wasn’t near a computer, and so didn’t receive the message about Emma until today. She will tell me the dream when she arrives home, in August. Again, gratitude! That she and I are so connected. That what occurs in one part of our world reverberates out. That what resonates inside me, resonates as well inside Perry my friend, who, by the way, was by my side as I washed Jeff’s body after he died.

Finally, the long message from the so-called “stranger,” Kimberly Hughes, in Tokyo. I received this email on the third morning, upon awakening. That second night post-trauma had been extremely difficult, with very little actual rest. In the early morning I had decided to get up and go water the GANG garden, I opened the door and noticed, to my immense gratitude, that it had rained during the night. Aaaah. . . I could go back to bed and try to sleep, finally. . . . which I did! — not waking up for two whole hours. Again, such a blessing! Intense gratitude, that I would have been allowed to actually drop into unconsciousness during such a time of shock.

I snapped on my iphone, touched the screen for the morning mail, and discovered Kimberly’s thoughtful and unusually comprehensive appreciation of the expanding interdimensional space being invoked through this exopermaculture blog. Her gratitude felt so full and rich that it made my soul sing with again, a joy and love and gratitude so enormous that it was as if my heart would burst.

I have just gone back over Kimberly’s message, and clicked on all the links. They are wonderful. I especially resonated to and Kimberly’s own blog, her post on her experience after Fukushima. Do take a look. So thank you thank you Kimberly, and all the others who have reached out to me, surrounding and enveloping me in loving, empathic kindness during this intensely bittersweet time of fresh grief and gratitude. Even now I feel Emma’s graceful, bounding presence stirring up a storm of blessings all around my head. She’s racing in circles, excited and panting and glad.

I am one of the silent and grateful readers of your blog, and I wanted
to write first of all with my deepest condolences for your loss of
Emma. I too grew to love her energy and playful spirit through your
descriptions of her, and shed many tears in reading today’s post about
the celebration of her short and yet powerful and healing time
together with you on our Earth.

I also have an animal who is my teacher, friend and endless purveyor
of positive and healing energy (a cat named Yoda…I did not name him,
although the name is right on target :). The time that I spend with
him is quite limited, though, as (being a cat) he is equally happy to
spend hours outside on his own surveying his territory. I can’t
imagine the grief you must feel at losing your full-time
companion…and am so glad that you continue to feel Emma’s loving and
healing presence surrounding you.

I first found your blog around the end of March or beginning of April
through a random Internet search, and was immediately and deeply drawn
to it (which has remained the case ever since then). As I live in
Tokyo, Japan, the fears and uncertainties around the situation in
Fukushima were very strong at that time (before numbness and
forgetfulness took over the collective public mind), so finding your
blog was truly an incredible experience for me.

I was, and am, so very grateful to you for the concept of the blog
itself–which resonates with me very deeply–as well as all of the
additional amazing resources you point your readers toward, such as
Ingrid Naiman’s research on radiation (which has been immensely
helpful), as has Inelia Benz’ work on ascension, and most of all, the
attitude and spirit with which you approach it all.

I have tentatively tried sharing your work with others, but have
found–as you yourself I believe also have experienced–that most
others are simply not ready for most of the ideas. I must admit that I
myself have a hard time with the idea of our world being ruled by
lizards from another dimension (!), and, like you, I struggle back and
forth with the idea of whether or not this and other tragedies were
somehow unleashed deliberately.

In any case, I certainly believe that there are dark forces at work,
but above all I truly appreciate the strength and integrity with which
you show that we can and must rise with the light even as we keep one
foot in the real world with all of its heaviness and suffering. I also
am grateful for the ideas and resources you have shared around the
idea of as-of-yet unexplored energies and our ability to tap into
other realities and dimensions.

My knowledge on all of this is presently close to nothing, but I know
that there is something there because of my own personal
experience–my partner and I both had a series of prophetic
disaster-related dreams just prior to March 11th–and so I am
extremely interested in exploring these ideas in the coming months and
years. In fact, I have started to do so a bit at the Dream Tribe
website, and wonder if you are familiar with their work?

I also wonder whether you have encountered the work of Japanese
author, peace activist and environmentalist Yumi Kikuchi? She used to
work quite closely with Benjamin Fulford (not sure if she still does).
While the content of her Japanese blog is quite varied and
fascinating, she focused her English blog for a long time almost
exclusively on the 9-11 Truth Movement, which is fine (again, I
wouldn’t at all be surprised if they are right), but again I believe
this is just one piece within the larger picture. At any rate, her
husband Gen Morita is an organic farmer who is very much interested in
ET / free energy related issues, and between the two of them, they
very much remind me of your exopermaculture work! They are friends of
mine, and if you like I could put you in touch at some point. Yumi’s
site is here:

And althogh I don’t think Gen has an English site, I just found this
recent interview through a Google search (haven’t even had a chance to
watch it yet):

Lastly, I wrote a personal account of my experience in and after the
disaster on my website, where I also have a collection of writings I
have been doing before and after then, most recently on the
anti-nuclear movement in Japan. Had I known about your blog at the
time I wrote this, I definitely would have included it! 🙂

I am sorry to send you so much in your time of grief, and I certainly
do not expect a reply anytime soon. I just wanted you to know how much
of a source of comfort and inspiration your blog has been for me, and
to let you know that I (as with many others, I an sure) are thinking
of you and also sending loving thoughts to little Emma as she
continues onward along her journey.

With gratitude,
Kimberly Hughes

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