Shock Requiem

Emma Joy Princess, Guardian of the Present Moment, my exquisite little Coton De Tulear puppy, died this morning in my arms minutes after a freak car accident on our beloved morning walk. She was three years and ten months old.

My son Colin and I buried her in my back yard with her favorite toy.

It turns out that the post I wrote on July 4th, that included Emma’s parade as an Ambassador of Love, was her requiem.

I don’t know when I will return to this blog. It may be my salvation; it may simply slip my mind.

I feel her being expanding as I write this. Huge, full of light, she came here to experience the full sensuality of this beautiful Earth in a tiny, athletic, balletic body while touching hundreds of peoples’ lives. To everyone, young and old, she exuded love and joy and sensitivity.

Emma was my soul companion.

For the past three days, my gratitude for her constant presence has been unusually full and deep. Now I know why.

Emma in pond

Emma in winter

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7 Responses to Shock Requiem

  1. Marsha Bradford says:


    Harold & I are so terribly sorry to hear about Emma and can only imagine how devastated you are. She was such a singularly loyal, smart and brave companion. And beautiful, too.

    Our deepest condolences on your loss…

  2. Diane says:

    Ann, I am so sorry! Emma was a lovely, lovely dog and a bright presence.

  3. Brian says:

    since my email was bounced…i’ll reply here: no way! ann (and colin)…i’m sooo sorry. sending you guys plenty of hugs. meg’s working this afternoon, but i’ll tell her as soon as she’s out. wow. emma was such a joyful spirit!

    lots of love,

    Brian & Meg

  4. claudia kimball says:

    I missed her. I will miss knowing that she is with you.
    I am reminded that it is important to meet our
    beloveds’ beloveds. I love the pictures. I love Emma
    in winter with her warm white in the snow. I love her
    knowing nose. As you say you “feel her spirit expanding”
    It seems her warmth and beauty are surrounding you
    at this time..
    I am so sorry for this shocking loss.

    • claudia kimball says:

      I forgot to say something. Emma Joy Princess, Guardian of the Present Moment,
      I feel so grateful that you came into existence to be with my friend for a while in her
      present moments.

  5. Elaine Brugger says:

    Dear Ann,

    I am so sorry about your loss of Emma. It has always brought a smile to my face when I see you and Emma out for your morning walk, sometimes only a few blocks from home and sometimes around the campus. The two of you seemed to belong together with your joyful, bouncy gaits.

    I know how much our little furry ones mean to us. My heart aches for you. I am so sorry.

    Elaine Brugger

  6. Jane Spearman says:

    I am sitting here crying as I type this, words cannot express how sorry I am to hear of Emma’s passing. She was a wonderful little lady. I always pictured her with a super hero cape on as she leaped and bounded through the garden. I am glad Max got to meet her and that they shared some time playing together.
    Much love,
    Jane and Max

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