U.S. Colonel tells the truth about war

Thanks to Fred Burks.

U.S. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who worked closely with Colin Powell, talks to realnews.com about stripping war of its hyperbole and boiling it down to its basics . . .

Wilkinson discovered, in Naval War College seminars, that “war is not about Truth, Justice and the American Way. War is all about politics and power, about getting your way over someone else . . . whether it be for territory, resources, or ideology.”

More from the video, paraphrased: Foreign policy is about serving commercial interests. There is a clear understanding at the higher levels of the military that commerce, trade, is a big part of what a soldier is all about. But then when you get to nuclear weapons, no sane person would use nuclear weapons for commercial purposes. So what do leaders do, when they understand this? They conjure up Saddam Hussein, weapons of mass destruction . . . they conjure these things so that Americans will feel passionate about these things so that they will continue to hand over their sons and daughters to die. (my italics. AK)




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