Freedom Flotilla: Americans now behind barbed wire

Update: (A few hours after the original post).

It now looks like the efforts of the Freedom Flotilla 2 may be doomed, with the arrest of the captain of the Audacity of Hope and the Greek determination to not let the flotilla float, in this remarkable and courageous confrontation between an international group of scrappy NGOs and shadowy nation state coalitions to breach the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

The American boat, The Audacity of Hope, after long delays set sail for Gaza on Friday, and was intercepted by Greek commandos at the behest of Israel 25 minutes later.

“They arrived with machine guns. It was quite scary. They seemed ready for a fight. The commandos looked threatening, they wore helmets and their faces were covered.”

The boat carries a number of high-profile American activists, some in their 60s and 70s, including Alice Walker.


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