David Icke: Lizard kings take us to war

Link below to an effective eleven-minute video as intro to Icke’s views on ancient history to present. Incorporates current news footage and rousing rock music to shake us loose from mind-control.

The “lizard” aspect of Icke’s views on the Illuminati is almost impossible to take seriously at first. Take me, for example. It took me about ten years to absorb his view that there’s an alien reptilian race that bred with humans thousands of years ago to create hybrids with “blue blood” that have been controlling the fate of the human race ever since.

(BTW: I more recently learned that there are several types of reptilian extraterrestrial species that have been well documented, not all of them with a control agenda. Plus, as with the human species, individuals within the various reptilian species can differ from each other. As usual, racism — or in this case, “speciesism” — stereotypes.)

The point of the whole video is, as Icke says: “If we stop going to war, game over!” I.e., all we need do to stop the program is wake up from the constant conditioning that funnels us into the ravenous maw of the Illuminati’s self-serving agenda of fear, destruction, and death.

Unfortunately, the video wouldn’t load here. Go to davidicke.com.

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