Local Action, June 25th: investing in the permaculture part of exopermaculture . . .

I just completed the third of three blog posts that give the flavor of our local neighborhood efforts to increase the number, kinds, and quality of exchanges within our own little corner of the world, in short, our effort to create permanent culture HERE, NOW, within the larger exopermaculture context.

The posts tell the stories of three events, all held on one day, last Saturday, June 25th. First, the Earthen Workshop, then the Children’s Workshop, then the Summer Solstice Celebration and Pizza Party.


A very fun, full day. Lots of photos. It’ll put you right there.

BTW: the Children’s Workshop started me thinking about the subtitle to this exopermaculture site: “Bridging Above and Below.” That workshop was called “Inviting the Little People In,” and by that the teacher meant not just the human children, but the fairies and elves and elementals. Which makes me think maybe it’s about time to change the subtitle to “Blending Above and Below.” We’ll see. It’s definitely morphing internally, at least inside me.



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